write a complete research proposal that outlines a detailed methodology of how you will collect data for your…

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Task Description: Following on from the previous assessment task, your final task is to write a complete research proposal that outlines a detailed methodology of how you will collect data for your research. The research proposal will also involve a reflection of your experiences when developing the research project over the semester. Please note that you are not permitted to change your research topic, as the feedback on Assessments 1 and 2 should be used in your reflection. Instructions and Guidance: The research proposal should contain a detailed methodology that includes the following headings: (a) participants (e.g., who will the participants be, how will you recruit sample participants in the study and why are using this sampling procedure); (b) design/methods (e.g., what is the proposed design and method to be used to collect data from participants, and why); (c) materials/apparatus (e.g., what are the materials required to undertake the research, you must include sample question items if using a survey or interview method); (d) procedure (e.g., how will the study run, what is the process for handling and storing any data collected); and (e) ethical considerations (e.g., what is the level of risk, what are the potential risks associated with doing this type of research, how will these risks be mitigated/reduced). In addition to these sections, you will also be required to include a reflection of your experiences of developing the research project over the semester. There is detailed advice and instructions for putting together a reflection in your tutorial workbook. We expect the reflection to align with the 4R model of reflections, which can be found here: https://www.citewrite.qut.edu.au/assets/docs/4Rs-for-students-page1-v1.5.pdf. The research proposal should include at least 10 references. It is expected that in both sections of the research proposal (methodology and reflection) that you will support your decisions/assertions with references to literature. Referencing should be in APA 7th Edition, and a reference list should be included. Please visit Cite|Write for further guidance with APA: https://www.citewrite.qut.edu.au/cite/qutcite.html#apa. You have been provided with a template to use for the research proposal on blackboard. We have also provided specific instructions for word limits of the methodology and reflection sections. Submission Guidelines Once you have completed your research proposal, you will need to submit the proposal (as a Microsoft Word file) via the Turnitin link on Blackboard. Our tutor team will provide feedback on the proposal using the Turnitin viewer. If you require an extension and/or special consideration for this assessment item, please visit the Late Assignments and Extension Page for more informa

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