Write a 5- to 7-page APA formatted research paper on any of the following topics.…

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Write a 5- to 7-page APA formatted research paper on any of the following topics. Research any associated tools, new developments, and benefits/disadvantages in relation to the topic. Including your introduction and conclusion, make sure to answer the following questions in your paper:
Describe your interest in the topic you’ve chosen and why it interests you.
What type of positive or negative impact has your technology topic had on society over the past 5 years?
What opportunities have now become available because of the advent of your technology topic?
What industries are benefiting from the existence of your technology topic? Make sure to cite examples.
What improvements do you think could still be made in this area?
What are 2–3 different tools that can be used in relation to your technology topic?
Topics to choose from can include any of the following (or related sub-topics):
Web Applications
Social Media
Cloud Computing
Web Ethics
Collaboration Technology
Green Technology
Mobile Computing
Artificial Intelligence
Virtual Reality
Open Source
Educational Technologies
Make sure you put your research into your own words unless direct quotations are appropriate. Cite your sources using APA formatting. You have a tutorial on this in the Campus Common.
Here is an example for a reference of a Web site address:
Contributor, I. (Last edited date). Title of resource. Retrieved from http://Web address
There are plenty of resources you can use to make sure you properly format your paper in a professional manner.
You can use the Microsoft Office Word 2010 skills that you learned from this week’s textbook reading to format your paper.
Click here for some useful information about APA and formatting research papers.
Check out the documents that came with your text that you downloaded in Week 1.
The South University Online Library has information about APA Standards. (Check the links at the bottom of the library home page.)

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