Work, Energy, Power, and Momentum


Chapter 14:  Work, Energy, and Power
· Section: Problems
· 14-56
A gear with a mass moment of inertia of 0.45 kg⋅m2 has a kinetic energy of rotation of 21 joules. What is its speed of rotation in rpm?
92.3 rpm
· 14-63
Wheel A in Figure P14–63 weighs 200 lb and has a radius of gyration of 2 ft. If the system is initially at rest, determine the angular velocity of A after B has dropped 8 ft.

· 14-64
Masses A and B in Figure P14–64 are fastened together by a belt over pulley D. (Assume no slipping of the belt.) The mass moment of inertia of pulley D is 15 kg⋅m2. How far does mass B drop before reaching a velocity of 2 m/s? The system is initially at rest.

1.07 m
Chapter 15:  Impulse and Momentum
· Section: Problems
· 15-11
Determine the force required to bring an 8-ton truck traveling at 50 mph to rest in 5 seconds. How far does it travel?
7290 lb 183 ft
· 15-17
The rotor of an electric motor turns at 1750 rpm, weighs 150 lb, and has a radius of gyration of 9.5 in. Determine (a) the angular momentum at 1750 rpm and (b) the torque required to slow the rotor to 800 rpm in 2 seconds.
535 lb-s 145 lb-ft
· 15-32
A 4-kg rifle firing an 8-g bullet at 650 m/s obeys the law of conservation of momentum. Determine the recoil speed of the rifle.
1.3 m/s
· 15-43
Disc A in Figure P15–43 (IC = 8 kg ⋅ m2), while rotating at 100 rpm, is lowered onto disc B (IC = 10.5 kg ⋅ m2), causing the latter to rotate from rest. Assume no slipping and determine the angular velocity of B.

35.5 rpm






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