Why is public opinion important to the advertising industry?

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1. With regard to the Aircel minicase set out at the start of this chapter, how would you propose that they develop a CRM programme and in particular an advertising campaign, in order to address the three objectives?
2. Why is public opinion important to the advertising industry?
3. To what extent is self-regulation an effective way of controlling advertising practice?
4. Should advertisers be allowed more freedom in how they communicate with their target audiences?
5. Are there too many rules and regulations governing advertising? If so, how would you change the situation?
6. What is the difference between the CAP and BCAP Codes of Practice?
7. How might the complaints procedures about advertising be made more robust?
8. Why should ambush marketing be considered a problem?
9. Make a list of the reasons why corporate social responsibility has become a major issue for advertisers.
10. For a brand of your choice make recommendations about how they might use advertising to demonstrate their CSR credentials

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