What should catch your attention about this situation?

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A practitioner in your children’s centre has been suspended following complaints. There are claims that Joan regularly humiliated and threatened children. Colleagues objected to her use of harsh punishments, such as shutting one child in a cupboard and making another child stand out in the rain. This afternoon you watched a group of children play out what seem to be some of their experiences. The child who played Joan was shouting insults at the others and threatening, ‘It’ll be the wooden spoon for you!’ The game came to a close when the other children all leapt on ‘Joan’ and shouted, ‘You’re going to prison now.’ A letter was sent to the parents, explaining in brief that the member of staff had been suspended, pending an investigation. But there has been no conversation with the children.
● What should catch your attention about this situation?
● What should probably be your next step? You will fi nd a commentary on page 203.

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