What difficulties do you think you might experience if you were to work with this…

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Write a Psychodynamic Case Study on the lead character from a film of your choosing.
The Film is The Notebook (2004),
American romantic drama film directed by Nick Cassavetes, written by Jeremy Leven and Jan Sardi, based on the 1996 novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks. The film stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams as a young couple who fall in love in the 1940s.
Imagine the character from the film attends psychodynamic therapy with you as the therapist. Based on your viewing of the film and your reading of psychoanalytic theory, write a Psychodynamic Case Study with the information (1) to (10) below
Your Psychodynamic Case Study should be 3,500 words and must include the following:
1. Include a title page with your name, module title (Psychodynamic Approaches), name of your case study and patient, date of submission. It should include the words ‘Psychodynamic Case Study’ at the top of the first page.
Name of your patient and the title of the film you have chosen as a case study.
Why you chose this film as a case study? (what did you particularly like/dislike about this film, and what does this tell you about yourself?
This section requires you to reflect on yourself and aspects of your personality that you might previously have been unaware of but that your choice of film has made you reflect on) (400 words)
Patient presenting issue and symptom (why has the person come for counselling? what is their presenting issue (conscious) and what might be unconsciously underlying it (the symptom)?
This requires you to reflect on why you think the person might say they have come for counselling (the presenting issue), and further what you think might be going on unconsciously (the symptom) (300 words)
Patient history and current situation (400 words)
Summary of psychodynamic approach (this requires you to draw extensively on your reading to give a theoretical overview of the psychodynamic approach and what you consider to be the most important features of it. This requires you to show that you have read widely from the required and recommended reading material, have a firm understanding of the approach, and can support the points you make) (800 words)
If you had to critique one thing about the psychodynamic counselling approach you have chosen, what would it be? (use examples from your reading – this is to show that you recognise that the approach has its limits. Focus on one or two points here and support what you write with examples from your reading) (200 words)
How do you think your use of the psychodynamic approach might help this person?((1,000 words)
What difficulties do you think you might experience if you were to work with this person in psychodynamic counselling, and why? (400 words)
Bibliography (You need to include a bibliography with at least fifteen sources. These fifteen sources should include at least ten sources from the module reading list (a mixture of required and further recommended readings).
All fifteen sources in your bibliography can come from the module reading list if you wish, though you might need to read further afield, depending on how you approach the question. Your bibliography is not limited to fifteen sources
Include headings (1) to (10) in your Psychodynamic Case Study so it is easy to read. Do not include the guidance notes above in your case study.
Assessment Criteria for Psychodynamic Counselling Case Study
There are a number of things I will keep in mind when marking your assignment:
1. Assignment is complete and word counts have been adhered to (you have written something for all the sections).
Ability to express ideas clearly, accurately and concisely (this relates to your observation skills, as well as your ability to choose relevant information for inclusion).
Firm understanding of the psychodynamic approach (ability to summarise what you have read clearly and support your points with relevant examples from the reading material).
Application of theoretical knowledge from the psychodynamic approach to undertake an analysis of the patient (ability to use theoretical concepts to think about the patient and support your points with relevant examples from the reading material and film).
Capacity for self-awareness and self-reflection (ability to identify and discuss your thoughts and feelings in relation to your choice of film and the patient, and to reflect on what your reactions tell you about yourself as a person).
Assignment is presented professionally, including correct grammar, spelling and syntax (always read over your work before you submit it. It can be helpful to ask someone – another student, a friend, a relative – to read over your work before you submit it, to ensure your work reads well and all the sentences make sense).
What difficulties do you think you might experience if you were to work with this person in psychodynamic counselling, and why?Explain

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