Was I wrong to avoid participating in the activities going on? Might I have put my job at…

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After only a few months of working with a new firm, my supervisor asked me to partake in a trip to Central America to tour our sister facility. The company had recently purchased a plant in Mexico and after several months of production, the main office needed to conduct a full inventory count. It sounded like a great opportunity and I gladly accepted the offer. While abroad we spent several long days in the warehouse and when the work was finally complete, the Director of Operations took us out to celebrate at the company’s expense. Following a nice dinner, a few of us were encouraged to continue the evening at a “Gentleman’s Club.” While there, the senior staff member began to urge us to take part in the extracurricular activities. The peer pressure was rather intense, as the Director made it clear that either we would all participate or none of us would. Furthermore, he informed us that he would take care of the entire bill. To the disappointment of some and the relief of others, I explained that I was not feeling well and preferred to return to the hotel. After we returned home, the events of that evening were never openly discussed; however, a few co-workers always throw me a look of disappointment.
1. Was I wrong to avoid participating in the activities going on? Might I have put my job at risk? Should I have been put in that situation?
2. Does this practice discriminate against any protected groups? Which one(s)?
3. Does this practice discriminate against any nonprotected groups?
4. What should I do? Should I report my supervisor to the company? Will not participating in the “activities” affect my career trajectory? Should I care?

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