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I need a 800 word Paper for my college writing class as basic as possible (using common and basic vocabulary and grammar) because I am international beginner English student and please don’t use out side sources expat the book Nickel and Dimed  and article which I can get them from internet and if it just the book will be better I need it in 18 to 30 hours 

This is the last paper to deal with Nickel & Dimmed and the essays assigned in They Say, I Say.  This paper will use Cause & Effect Analysis to examine the American Dream, so you need to read Handout #5 under Pages to understand what this entails. . The paper needs to be a minimum of 800 words and should address the general question of “What are the causes and effects of striving for or not attaining the American Dream?” You must cite appropriate support from Ehrenreich’s book and the essays in They Say, I Say in your analysis.

Using this information 

What are the causes and effects of striving for or not attaining the American Dream?

It’s important to achieve the American dream in order to get a better life in terms of wealth and comfort. The causes and effects of striving for or not attaining the American Dream are divide into two main causes which are the persona personality and the community they live in.
Personal causes (Pearson personality)
1-    The absent of persistence
2-    The lack of ambition
3-    The lack of self confidence

Not personal (community)
1-    The very low minim wages
2-    The lack of good job’s opportunities 
3-    The lack of motivation (family, friends support) 

1-    Stress life (lack of money which affect your life in terms of health and comfort)
2-    The feel of lack of self-confidence (because of not a posse an effective duty in the community)
3-    Don’t having a dream or goal has a really bad effect on person motivation in having higher way of living in terms of wealth and comfort

Handout #5 – Cause & Effect

          The purpose of writing Cause & Effect papers is to explore and understand the reasons why things happen and the consequences of actions.  A thesis statement for this type of paper must suggest why it’s important to come to this understanding.  This is always a matter of coming up with a general answer to the question “why?” or filling in the blank that naturally follows the word “because.”  For example, “Covering your mouth when you cough is important because it can prevent the spread of germs.” Another question useful in formulating a cause & effect thesis is, “how does understanding how things happen help us to control our lives or events and situations?”
          So, the purpose of a Cause & Effect paper is to explain the causes of things, or the effects of things, or both, and why understanding these is important.  In doing so, however, such papers must deal with real causes and real effects, not hypotheticals, explaining these causes and effects with detailed examples and explanations.  If we analysis the thesis sentence example above, we might discover that we’d have to pull it apart to understand what the topic is.  It probably is something like “ways to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.”  The sentence in the first paragraph above might actually be a better topic sentence for a supporting paragraph.  A better thesis statement might be something like this: “The spread of communicable diseases, such as the common cold, can be prevented by the practice of simple health habits that can minimize the impact of these illnesses.”  This can lead to writing a paper that discusses various diseases (causes) and their effects and how health habits (causes) can help control the spread of illness (effects).
          A good way to begin writing a Cause & Effect paper is 1.)Identify your Topic; 2.) List the causes of this; 3.) List the effects; 4.)Determine your purpose/reason for discussing the causes, effects, or both; 5.) Decide on what a possible conclusion might be.  If you do these things, you will have essentially given yourself an outline.  This conclusion should remind your reader of the point you were trying to make with your thesis and make a final observation about the examples and explanations you’ve made throughout the paper.  All that’s left is to do the writing.     
If you examine the three types of writing you will do this semester – definition writing, comparison/contrast writing, and cause/effect writing – there is a progression.  Whenever you write an essay you have to define your terms.  Next, you often have to compare and contrast those terms to gain an understanding of the relationships between them.  Last, once you understand the relationships, you need to explore the dynamics of those interconnections and what they can lead to – in other words, their causes and effects.
          Common transition words and phrases that appear in Cause & Effect are: accordingly, as a result, consequently, hence, it follows … then, it follows that, since, so, then, therefore, and thus (They say, I sayp. 776).  Susan Anker’s book, Real Writing with Readings, suggests more common cause & effect transitions: also; because; the final cause or effect of … ; the first, second, third cause or effect of … ; a more important cause or effect of … ; the most important cause or effect of … ; one cause or effect of … ; another cause or effect of … ; a primary (secondary) cause or effect of … ; and, a short-term (long-term) cause or effect of … .


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