Therapeutic Communication paper, please follow the guide line listed below to complete you therapeutic communication…

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Therapeutic Communication paper, please follow the guide line listed below to complete you therapeutic communication paper .
Therapeutic communication skills are essential to the nurse-patient relationship. Analysis of selected interactions with the patient promotes the students’ ability to apply communication theory and understand the dynamics of the interpersonal relationship. This process assists the student to identify how personal thoughts and feelings impact the process of communication as well as identifying areas needing improvement through analysis of the interaction. To be typed in APA format for submission. The rubric below is an outline for each section, including percentage points. For grading purposes: Satisfactory equates to a minimum score of 80%.
% Distribution
1. Write a brief summary of the setting for the interaction took place and any pertinent events immediately preceding the interaction, the purpose of the interaction and students feelings at the interaction. In APA format.
2. Document the patient’s actual verbal and non-verbal responses during the interaction, Non-verbal reactions include; facial expression, posture, position, hand gestures or other types of activities.
3. Document your verbal and non-verbal responses during the interaction in a manner that the reader can follow chronologically.
4. Document your analysis of the effectiveness of the interaction, which should include;
a. Identification of technique used by student, was it therapeutic or not, the rationale for using it and was it effective, or not.
b. Your feelings at the time and how they may have influenced your response.
c. Was there an impact from your personal beliefs and did they influence the communication?
d. Theories to support your approach and/or may have influenced the patient’s response.
e. Your response to feelings / thoughts expressed by the patient, verbal/ non-verbal.
5. List other techniques you might have used, the rationale, stating why you think it may have been more effective in the communication.
6. Summarize the overall effectiveness of the Therapeutic Communication
I spoke with 2 patients 1 has schizophrenia and the other one has depression.

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