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USQ CSC2407 S2 2018 Assignment 2Assignment 2Marked out of: 55 (Weighting: 15% of the course) Submission format: Your assignment submission must be in the form of a single PDF document. Other formats will not be accepted. Due date: 11:55pm Sunday 9 September 2018Question 1[15 marks]This question relates to the administrative part of an online (i.e. web based) assignment marking tool that might be suitable for marking university level assignments at USQ such as those in CSC2407. The question provides a narrative, which you must turn into specifications. Narrative: The examiner of the course offering must set up the assignment before markers can begin marking using the software. He or she needs to create an assignment to be marked, and input each assignment submission. The examiner will select markers for the assignment, and specify how many assignment submissions each marker will mark The examiner will then use the software to allocate assignment submissions to each marker.Human roles, computing systems, or concepts referred to in the narrative are not explained. For example, the software developers who are one of the target audiences of these specification may not have studied at USQ, and may not understand terms like “course”, “subject”, “semester” or “examiner”.You must provide a glossary that explains any such term that will be mentioned in your specifications that might not be clear. Again, you may have to be creative whenever something is unclear, but the terms mentioned above should already be known to you. In your definition, as well as explaining the concept, you should list what properties or attributes define or uniquely identify such an entity as well as other important attributes. This will help you to know how the system will work and what needs to be entered. For example, given an assignment, what else is needed to define an assignment submission.Your specifications should be more physical than the narrative. For example, just how does the examiner input the assignment submissions? Clearly the examiner is not entering the student’s work, but is telling the system about each assignment to be marked. What exactly must be entered? How does he enter it? Does he create a text file, and upload it? Does the software present the examiner with a form with tick boxes associated with each student, and the examiner ticks the appropriate one? There are plenty of other possibilities. You may find that you need to add things to the glossary that were not mentioned in the narrative.Your answer must take the form of a numbered (numbered using a letter) goals, which you must identify from the narrative, followed by a glossary, followed by numbered requirement specifications. The requirement specifications should reference the goals.Question 2Class Diagram [20 marks] Draw a UML class diagram that models the aspects of job agencies that are described below:- 6 Some of the employees of the agency, are agents.1

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