Social Problem Perspective

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Discussion Objective: (CO2) Analyze the scholarly works of scientific researcher with respect to emergency and disaster management.Discussion Overview: Use Drabek as your guide to this discussion. As an emergency and disaster management professional you will encounter many questions/assertions that you may have to respond to. These important questions/assertions may impact how you conduct your day-to-day business. Think about the following questions/assertions and provide a substantive scholarly response.What are the differences between the way conservatives and progressives view the federal role in emergency management? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?What is meant by ‘blaming the victim’? Provide examples of victim blaming. How does this concept influence the way our society responds to disaster?What is the interface between emergency management and homeland security? Which is the ‘parent’ concept? Justify.Discussion Instruction: Respond to each question/assertion with a substantive and scholarly response, use Drabek as a guide to your posting. MUST use attached source to answer questions. Citations have to be APA 7th addition and response must be over 300 words.

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