Social media evaluation paper

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Selects two (2) social media sites that address the same public health topic and critically evaluates them. The evaluation should include a very brief summary of the topic, target population, media platform, and organization. The majority of the paper should focus on an informed critique of the strengths and weaknesses of the sites’ addressing of the public health problem, applicability of the content and platform for the target population, and its potential for use in health promotion. This critique should be based on what you have learned in class and should directly reference course material and other resources, including citations using APA format. This is not an opinion piece but rather an informed critique. Your reference list should include links to the social media sites/posts you are evaluating. If links to the specific posts cannot be provided a screen shot will be accepted in its place but the sites must still be cited correctly in the reference list. The topic is of your choosing and the sites can be any form of social media. For example, Facebook pages for both the Kaiser Permanente Thrive and American Beverage Association have posts which address childhood obesity.
Social media evaluation paper

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