Select a health-related topic to teach an audience. The topic can be cardiovascular disease, diabetic teaching, handwashing, pre…

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Select a health-related topic to teach an audience. The topic can be cardiovascular disease, diabetic teaching, handwashing, prevention of obesity, healthy eating, suicide prevention, infection control, or any other topic that is relevant and important to public health. Using the attached document , develop a teaching plan. Use the APA template for this assignment and create headings per the directions in the attached document (Introduction, Topic, Audience & Barriers, Guidelines for Learning & Teaching, Effective Teaching & Assessing Learning Needs, Assessment of Learning Needs & Learning Readiness and Different Cultures). Under each heading, either paraphrase or quote what the assigned readings say about each of the topics. Remember to ensure your paper is in proper APA format. Reflect on the items in Module Two for APA assistance.
Next, create a table similar to the one in the example. In the table portion of the assignment, under the objective heading, list an objective domain of learning from Bloom’s Taxonomy. See the information in the module for references on Bloom’s Taxonomy. Next, create an outline and time for only what you will be teaching. This should be similar to the one in the example. List the teaching strategy, or how this teaching will be accomplished. Then tell how you will evaluate the teaching, make sure your evaluations are measurable. Finally, create a reference page with those references you have cited or referenced in the paper. It is important that you reference the assigned readings, but you also have the option to list other scholarly sources (books, peer-reviewed journals, governmental websites, .edu websites, and professional associations).
SubmissionREQUEST THE EDITOR TO PROVIDE THE LOGIN TO VIEW THE EXAMPLEThis assignment should be placed in the American Psychological Association (APA) template found in module two, in proper APA format. For hints about writing in the APA style, see the APA Information and Examples document in module 2. There are two portions of this assignment: paragraph form and a teaching plan outline. Each section describes what should be in paragraph form and in the outline. First, select a health-related topic to teach to an audience. The audience can be an individual patient, colleagues, or a group of patients. Make sure you reference the readings and resources under paragraph section. Introduction (Paragraph form)Provide four or five general statements about teaching and learning that apply to your topic. Explain why the topic is important. Next, create a purpose. For example, “the purpose of this teaching plan is to educate school children on the importance of proper handwashing. The topic and target audience will be detailed along with barriers to learning. Next, this paper will detail six guidelines for teaching and learning, effective teaching and the assessment of learning needs and learning readiness. Finally, this paper will discuss teaching people of different cultures.” It is fine if you use this purpose statement. Use the provided headings.Topic, Audience, & Barriers (Paragraph form)ï‚· Describe what topic you selected and why.ï‚· Include a statistic from at least one reference that supports why this is a teaching priority for your intended audience. Provide a reference for the statistic. Remember, paraphrases need an author and year. Quotes need an author, year and page or paragraph number. ï‚· Describe the target audience and why they were selected.ï‚· Describe at least two barriers to learning from the assigned readings and explain them with a reference. Guidelines for Learning & Teaching (Paragraph form)ï‚· Describe at least three guidelines from the assigned readings for learning and teaching. This should be in paragraph form with at least one reference. When you need to reference multiple items in a paragraph, it is a good idea to use a narrative paraphrase. For example: Smith and Jones (2020) found that three guidelines for teaching and learning are…..ï‚· Then describe how will each be accomplished in the teaching session.Effective Teaching & Assessing Learning Needs (Paragraph form)ï‚· Describe in paragraph form at least two characteristics of effective teaching from the assigned readings. When you have multiple items to discuss it is advisable to use a narrative paraphrase. For example, Blais and Hayes (2016) found that three characteristics of effective teaching are………Make sure there is a reference here. ï‚· Describe how each will be accomplished in the teaching session

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