SEC233: Health and Disaster Security Question 1 Read the following two passages and answer the question that follows:…

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SEC233: Health and Disaster SecurityQuestion 1
Read the following two passages and answer the question that follows:
Passage 1
The heatwaves in France and the wild bush fires in California reveal that there is a propensity for disaster to strike close to densely populated areas. Global leaders are aware of how careful strategies to avoid disasters can save millions of lives and property damage.
Heatwaves have become a significant state problem, in addition to their negative effects on human health and the damage caused to property and the natural environment. Key investments in preventive measures in the core areas of public health and environmental disaster should make a difference in future heatwaves events (Commentary in seminar, Ameen Talib, Alan Chong, and Antonio L. Rappa, 2020).
Passage 2
“The impact of natural hazards – weather variability, climate extremes, and geophysical events – on economic well-being and human sufferings has increased alarmingly. More than three-quarters of recent losses can be attributed to windstorms, floods, droughts, and other climate-related hazards (UNISDR, 2007).
This trend can be attributed largely to changes in land use and increasing concentration of people and capital in vulnerable areas, for example, in coastal regions exposed to windstorms, infertile river basins exposed to floods, and in urban areas exposed to earthquakes (Mileti, 1999); and (Schönwiese et. al, 2003; IPCC, 2007; Emanuel, 2005).
Comment on the nature of heatwave disasters as well as floods, droughts, and marine erosion. Remember to cite a minimum of ten sources not from your iSG. These sources must have publication dates of 2018 or newer
Question 2
Read Passage 1 and answer the question that follows:
Passage 1
“There are now about 815,000 deaths worldwide as of 26 August 2020. A total of 56,435 Covid-19 (Wuhan) virus victims have been reached in Singapore alone while the death toll is slowly moving into the double-digit level, 27 so far as of 26 August 2020. The Covid-19 virus pandemic that began in China in late 2019 has seen belligerent and arrogant Chinese officials denying blame and guilt. China refuses to pay for the costs of spreading the virus…. The amount of money paid to our ministers is simply too high to arrive at the same kinds of political outcomes as other global states.
If the kinds of policies are as good as the next government in Southeast Asia or the world, then why should they have such high salaries? To finally resolve the COVID-19 problem in Singapore, we need a holistic and comprehensive plan of action for 2020-2021. This is to get the economy back on its feet and to begin recovering the billions used from our reserves so far. Cost-cutting from ministerial salaries would be a good start and gain the support of citizens.
We also need a longer-term strategy to move towards a more inclusive society where the government realizes that it is not the be-all and ends all of the public policy solutions. That there are many more capable Singaporeans who are not part of the establishment but who can contribute excellent solutions. Excellent solutions are not the exclusive preserve of the PAP” (A. L. Rappa, Today’s Manager, 2021)
Consider the situation when statal economies come to a standstill, as seen in the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Singapore as a small state is virtually dependent on political leadership and foreign as well as local talent. If non-PAP leaders arrive at the same outcomes and, or, solutions as academics, then why should these leaders even be elected? The threats from the health pandemic do affect other areas and sectors in a small state. Demonstrate how the health pandemic could affect Singapore’s economy, health system, and society

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