Scenario:You are helping Mr. Manuel Handel at the civil

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Scenario:You are helping Mr. Manuel Handel at the civil construction company WAMCo Pty Ltd to compile a booklet that will set out clearly and fully for workers the WAMCo WHS consultation and communication processes in which they need and are required by law to be involved.• Study carefully the WAMCo Work, Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) document.• The Consultation, Representation and Participation Policy (WHSMS, pp. 33-34) in particular may help you with this project. Some other sections in the WHSMS may also be of help.• Mr. Handel has determined that the existing content on consultation, representation and participation in the WHSMS is inadequate, and a new booklet setting out clearly the processes involved, for the benefit of the workers, needs to be created. He has asked you to compile a first draft of the booklet.• You may use the WAMCo WHSMS as a source of information, however you will need to look beyond the WHSMS to compile the booklet.• All answers must be in your own words, with no copying and pasting.• Source material may be quoted with proper attribution.The booklet must:Explain what participation and consultation is. (30-50 words)WAMCo Work, Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) document.

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