Recruitment, Selection and Performance Appraisal of Personnel

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Recruitment, Selection and Performance Appraisal of PersonnelYou will research a current issue facing organizations, in Canada or elsewhere, related to recruitment and selection. You are to research an issue and come up with recommendations on how to manage that issue/problem. A format suggestion only. • An Introduction. • Purpose of the study and Statement of the problem. • Review and analysis of the situation and findings. • Recommendations on how organizations can manage the issue. Your written paper should be approx. 12 – 15 pages, excluding the list of references (Arial or Times New Roman, 12 pitch, with 1″ margins: double-spaced). There are multiple sources of information you may use: the news/press, journals, managers and employees, your own experiences, academic and non-academic journals. You must include a bibliography of articles cited, using the APA style. Your paper will be judged on style (grammar, etc.) and content (the extent and quality of your research, analysis, and recommendations). A rubric will be supplied.

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