“Reaffirming My Commitment to NYU: Updates and Opportunities” “Yale: My Home, My Future”


Intro – 
Thank the reader for reevaluating your materials and reaffirm that New York University is the place for you.
Also, please mention that this is my top choice, and I will study here 100% if I will get acceptance.
Main Part – 
Offer new information such as updates on extracurricular activities, any awards won, projects I did. Consider including 3-4 brief “Why us” details describing why me and the school are a great match. 
Conclusion – Thank the reader again and sign off.
New York University opportunities that appeal to me:
(Here I shared 3 opportunities; However, it does not mean that you must mention all them, because they are not different from each other. So, using thirf of them can cause the meaningless of the essay.)
I am waitlisted on computer science major for New York (College of Arts & Science and Tandon School of Engineering) and Shanghai campuses. There are some opportunities that appeal to me. For instance, NYU eLab. Because, eLab – I like to say, whether I want to learn how to spell “entrepreneur” or I need money to scale my  venture or anywhere in between, it has a whole array of programs, resources, and events for me. Then the University’s open source club, NYU BUGS, for me. During a typical semester, BUGS hosts a range of in-person events. In addition to helping students strengthen their software engineering knowledge, many BUGS events provide the chance for hands-on practice with open source programs like Git and FreeCAD. BUGS also hosts Hacker Nights where students can share a meal, talk about programming, and study together.
Personally, I think it’s important to protect open source software because it levels the playing field in terms of getting into software development. There are so many barriers that prevent people from pursuing a career in the field. Additionally, NYU Courant: Where Undergrads Crunch Numbers – As I love problem-solving and analysis, an NYU bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Mathematics is a perfect fit. These programs pair technical classes, such as Data Structures and Discrete Mathematics, with core liberal arts courses, like Expressive Culture and International Writing. This combination produces well-rounded professionals who can analyze and solve challenges, then communicate those solutions to others. And I’ll do all this at the top applied mathematics institute in the United States: the NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.
Working directly with such esteemed professors offers undergraduates unparalleled opportunities for research and experiential learning. As I grow your skills and perform your own research, I will have direct access to some of the world’s most brilliant minds in computer science and math. At NYU Courant, I’ll form a foundation of knowledge that will help me innovate the future.
Resource that took these information:
1) https://meet.nyu.edu/academics/a-cs-major-thrives-in-nyu%ca%bcs-entrepreneurship-ecosystem/
2) https://meet.nyu.edu/academics/how-to-be-a-student-entrepreneur-at-nyu/
3) https://meet.nyu.edu/life/club-spotlight-nyu-bugs-open-source-club/
4) https://meet.nyu.edu/academics/nyu-courant-where-undergrads-crunch-numbers/
Here are recent updates after applying the university: 
1) I presented my research entitled “Examining the Interaction Between Humans and Artificial Intelligence” at the IX Ankara International Scientific Research Conference, and it will be published in the “Informatics and Control Problems” magazine at the end of 2024.
2) I got a grant from “Sabah.Hub Innovation Center” and “Lotfi Zadeh Technology Center” in the amount of approximately $15,000 with my Uranus start-up, which is airborne wind energy systems.
3) Lead Developer on Lab Project on Multi-threaded Applications in ADA University.
● Led the development of a multi-threaded library management system, designed to efficiently manage simultaneous book checkouts, returns, and searches;
● Coordinated the integration of multiple software modules, establishing a robust version control system to streamline updates and facilitate efficient code integration across the development team;
● Developed critical functionalities including concurrent user access to the catalog and real-time inventory updates, leveraging Python’s threading techniques to ensure data accuracy and swift transaction processing;
● Conducted comprehensive demonstrations for faculty and students, showcasing the system’s capabilities and the practical benefits of using multi-threading to improve library operations and user interactions.
4) Successful Candidate to be a Teen of the Year 2024 by The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan Republic.
Example essay that I liked very well, but it is written for other university:
My name is Zola Avery, and I’m a hopeful Yalie from Bergen County, New Jersey. Though deferred from the Early Action pool, I remain absolutely convinced that Yale is the school for me. I’d like to thank the admissions department for reevaluating my materials.
This past weekend, I got the opportunity to spend some time up in New Haven for the Yale University Model United Nations Conference (YMUN), serving as part of the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction Committee (UNISDR) and debating rising sea levels and volcanic eruptions. Speaking with current Yale students made me realize more than ever before that I was with my people—warm, incredibly funny, artistic in their own way, and unabashedly inquisitive. This weekend, I was where I belong.
I would also like to take this time to briefly tell the admissions department about a few things that have happened since I submitted my Early Action application. First, I wrote, illustrated, and published a children’s book centered around gender inclusivity in STEM fields, with all proceeds going towards supporting curriculum development and outreach for the Stereotype Project, an organization I’ve been running for the past four years that focuses on combating stereotypes through art. I’ve attached PDF copies of my book, Mika and the Microscope, along with some other information, but you should be receiving a copy in the mail soon. I very much believe the magic of reading is magnified when the book is in its physical form (and I think my brother and sister, 5 and 9, would definitely agree).
Secondly, I’d like to add the following honors to my admissions file:
– Best Delegate, Yale University Model United Nations Conference
– Outstanding Delegate, Bronx Science High School Model United Nations Conference
– Member of the Andrea Rubino Sheridan Chapter of National Honor Society
My whole life I have worked to draw connections and bridge the gap between science, social justice, and art. Whether wandering through the Yale Art Museum, bringing together feuding nations as part of YMUN, or listening to Dr. Woo-Kyoung Ahn speak about causal learning and the relationship between genetic explanations and psychopathology, I know that no community will help me flourish quite like Yale’s would. I know that there is nowhere else I’d rather create the future.
Again, thank you for taking the time to reevaluate my application. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can provide.
Zola Avery
The resource: https://www.collegeessayguy.com/blog/letter-of-continued-interest
No need to reference
No mention any source links in essay



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