Project Implementation Paper

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Because professional nurses are often called upon to lead different healthcare-related projects, it is important for them to understand the process for project implementation. In this module, the student will select one of the topics below related to project implementation.
Choose one of the topics below for this assignment:
The implementation of a bar-coding system in your healthcare facility for supplies or pharmaceuticals.The beginning work for obtaining Magnet status at your facility.Choosing appropriate staffing levels or staffing mix on your nursing unit.The implementation of new equipment, hospital-wide.The implementation of a large practice change (choose one that is appropriate).The implementation of a new nursing care model at your facilityNext, review these attached directions for the Project Implementation Paper. The emphasis on the paper should be the implementation of the project, with less of an emphasis on the project itself. First, select a project from the options above, then select leadership and change theory to drive the project. Both of these concepts should be defined with references. Collaborative practice and cultural collaboration will then be discussed. Both of these concepts should have a reference. Finally, a description of how healthcare economics will affect the implementation of the project should be presented, along with a reference. It is important to read the attached directions carefully and respond to the answers under each section.
Submission: Before the due date, the student should submit their paper in the module. The paper will automatically be submitted to Turnitin. The intent of using this tool is to ensure that another person’s work is not being plagiarized. It is important to understand that, if work that you have submitted in another class is used, this will be reflected by a high originality score from Turnitin, and is considered self-plagiarizing. The best practice is to use the same ideas but change the words around, like when paraphrasing.
SubmissionAfter the paper is submitted the first time, the student will receive a report from Turnitin with an originality score. This score should be close to or less than 30%. If your score is close to 30%, there is no need to make a second submission. If your score is over 30%, the student will need to look at the highlighted areas in the paper and paraphrase. The best practice is to look for areas in the paper with lots of highlighted text. When the paper is submitted a second time, students will receive another report. It is important to understand that the final submission score needs to be close to or below 30%. If the paper is not of that standard, the instructor will return the paper to the student with a deduction (determined by the instructor) and ask for a re-submission within two days. Failure to do so will result in a failing score for the assignment. It is important for all students to check their grade book often after submission. A grade of ‘1’ typically means the paper needs to be resubmitted. The Module will only let the student submit the paper twice. The instructor grades the second submission or whatever submission is closest to the required 30% originality score.
Use the Text Box to type in your entry or upload a word document. Make sure all the elements of the assignments are covered.

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