ow many newspapers should the newsvendor stock each day?

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A newsvendor can buy the The Unrecordfor $1.00 and sell it for $1.25. However, hemust buy the papers before he knows how many he can actually sell. If he buys more papersthan he can sell, he disposes of the excess at no additional cost. If he does not buy enoughpapers, he loses potentialsales. He knows that he can sell either 50, 100 or 150 papers becausehe has three potential customers who buy the newspapers from him in batches of 50 papers.He can buy papers himself only in multiples of 50. The probability of the newsvendor havingone customer in a day is 0.3, two customers in a day is 0.5 andthree customers in a day is 0.2How many newspapers should the newsvendor stock each day?Calculate EVPI using i) the expected value approach and ii) using EOL table

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