origins and the concept of the term group dynamics

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Assessment Task 1 Instructions Provide answers to all of the questions below:
Explain the origins and the concept of the term group dynamics.
Explain three aspects of group dynamics that can have a negative effect on team performance.
Discuss in 3 or 4 paragraphs the phenomenon of social loafing in groups, its negative consequences and the effect of group size and culture.
Discuss three strategies for preventing social loafing in groups.
Discuss in a paragraph the phenomenon of Groupthink.
Outline three advantages and three disadvantages of group decision-making?
Discuss three team-building techniques, using examples to illustrate your answer.
Explain the concept of a team consensus.
Discuss two methods that can be used to assist teams to reach consensus.
Explain four simple steps for resolving a workplace dispute.
Explain why is it important to have an effective dispute resolution process?
Assessment Task 2 Instructions
Carefully read the following:
Football South East Coast is sporting association based in a small town on the NSW South East Coast and is responsible for administration and development of football for the NSW South East Coast. The association employs a General Manager, Operations Manager, Marketing and Communications Officer, High Performance Athlete Development Officer, Marketing Officer, Promotions Office, Administration Manager and Receptionist.
FSEC’s Vision is to be the number one sport played through South East NSW.
FSEC’s Mission is to grow football by supporting members and the football community through, strong leadership, sound communication and the provision of a clear strategic direction that secures the sport’s long-term prosperity.
Values listed in its 2015 Strategic Plan include:
 Operating with trust and Integrity with each other, as well as with members and the community.
Customer focus through appreciation of interests and passion of our members and the broader football community.
Camaraderie through recognising the superior strength and efficiencies of good team work
Innovation through best practice and change
Openness and transparency in communicating with our members, customers and the broader community.
One of the organisation’s key strategic goals is to improve participation in community football, specifically to increase the total number of players by 4% in 2015.Another goal is to increase the participation of girls aged between 5 and 18 by 2% in 2015.
These goals have been translated into an Operational Plan for the organisation.As the Marketing and Communications Manager, you are responsible for the following key result areas: Membership Growth, Programs and Events and Volunteer Development.
Complete the following activities:
1. Prepare for a meeting with the teamAt the meeting you will discuss the new Operational Plan and to develop a team performance plan by reviewing the organisational information provided to you above, as well as the Operational Plan.
Send an email to your team inviting them to attend a performance planning meeting and attaching the Operational Plan for review by your team. Your email should include the date and time of the meeting, as well as the duration. You will need to send your email at least 5 working days prior to the meeting.
Send a copy of this email to your assessor.
Your team members will be organised by your assessor and will include at least two other students, as well as your assessor to represent the other FSEC positions. Your assessor will provide you with their email details so that you can send them the meeting invitation. Review the points you need to cover at the meeting below in order to prepare for the meeting.
Assessment Task 3 Instructions
Carefully read the following:
Football South East Coast does not currently have a professional development process in place and would like to introduce one to ensure the professional development of all staff members.
Complete the following activities:
Conduct research
 Conduct research by identifying and reviewing a range of professional development policies and procedures.
 Note that the budget to be allocated to professional development for each staff member is $1,000 per annum.
Develop a policy and procedure for Football South East Coast (approximately 2 pages) and that includes as a minimum the following details:
 Purpose of the policy
 Scope of the policy – who it applies to
 Types of professional development that may be undertaken
 Process for identifying professional development needs
 Criteria for determining whether the professional development opportunity is appropriate
 Budget allocated to each staff member
 Process for documenting and evaluating outcomes from professional development
Send finalised policy and procedure to the teamWhen you have completed the policy and procedure, send it your team (your assessor) via email summarising the new policy and procedure and the benefits to the team of participating in professional development.
Assessment Task 4 Instructions
Carefully read the following:
Assume that after 12 months, data shows that your team has exceeded the percentage increase in the number of new football players and you have decided to recognise your team for their efforts.
Complete the following activities:
Research reward and recognition schemes
Using the Internet, research both informal and formal staff reward and recognition schemes and make notes on what you find.
Send a brief email to your assessor outlining at least five of the schemes you have researched. Indicate which of the schemes you think would be most appropriate for the FSEC team as per the scenario and why. You will be assessed on whether your email addresses the required content as described, as well as the clarity of your email.
Implement reward and recognition schemes
In addition to the above and using at least one of the ideas you have researched, you must also send an email to your team members (your assessor), thanking them for their efforts in achieving the strategic goals, as well as the details of the reward or recognition you intend to provide based on their performance.
Assessment Task 5 Instructions
Review the following case study:
There have been complaints to you as the Marketing and Communications Officer from the other two staff at FSCE about the Marketing Officer’s work.
The staff complain that Jackie is often talking to friends on her mobile and so when the office phone rings they answer the phone. Even when Jackie can see they are trying to answer queries that directly relate to her work, she does not end her personal call. This not only takes other staff member’s time in answering such calls, but also then to make notes for Jackie on the call.
The staff have said that the behaviour is recent and up to then, Jackie has always been hard- working and reliable.
You need to meet with Jackie to discuss the issue and identify realistic solutions.
Now complete the following activities:
Prepare for meeting with staff memberBefore you commence this assessment, read the following guide about managing underperformance. Note that you will be assessed on your demonstration of the skill referred to under key points for employers to remember. underperformance
Send an email to your assessor (as though they are Jackie), requesting her to attend a meeting with you to discuss her work. Include a date and time for the meeting.
Conduct the meetingConduct the meeting with Jackie (your assessor), explaining to her what the problem is, why it is a problem, how it impacts on the workplace and why there is a concern.
At the meeting you must:
 Explain the purpose of the meeting
 Explain to Jackie what the problem is
 Explain how this behaviour impacts on the workplace and why it is a concern. Ensure you focus on the issue not the person.
 Demonstrate your interpersonal and communication skills by:
o Keeping your communication clear and simpleo Listening to Jackie and confirming and clarifying information shared o Asking questions to confirm informationo Emphasizing Jackie’s strengths as per the scenario information
Discuss and agree on a solution, using your skills to come up with realistic and creative solutions.
3. Follow up on the meetingSend a follow up email to Jackie within 1 day of the meeting, summarising the meeting and the solution agreed to.

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