organization’s global expansion objectives

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A. Who would you invite to a meeting to discuss your organization’s global expansion objectives? B. Why would you invite each participant & what would be your selection criteria for each participant? C. How would you set up the agenda for the meeting?
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I would invite the Human Resources Manager (HRM), Information & Communication Technologies (ICT),Marketing Manager, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) & the Global Logistics Manager to a meeting to discuss the organizations global expansion objectives. After the objectives were decided upon, then I would present the draft to the CEO & share or stockholders of the company. The HRM is vital to a global business because of the global strategies.
The HRM can provide information leading to barriers & opportunities as well as structure for management & employees. ICT can provide a global technology to allow a business to operate globally & locally. With the ever changing technology, ICT is very important to staying up to date on technology & to make this aspect of the company running smooth. A marketing manager can provide proper material & analysis to reach out to the appropriate global audience. The CFO can provide details of how much the company can spend on marketing, technology, & the total cost of going global for the company’s budget.
The Global Logistics Manager can provide data on how long the product will take to be made & ship to the end customer. The agenda would be called by e-mail, and/or telephone conversation. The agenda meeting would consist of an overview of what the meeting is about; starting a global expansion of the existing company. The discussion of strategies, technology, marketing, logistics, & financial opportunities will then be discussed. This is an open forum for questions, comments & concerns. A decision will then be reached & summary will then be put in place to present to the CEO for approval or a redesign strategy meeting.
The tough reply to this query is, it all depends. I would carry out many meetings at different stages based on which kind of company is now being talked about & what size of work is concerned. On an initial method to talk about international growth, I would request senior administration employees for instance a Chief Executive Officer, a financial official, an operations official, a logistics official, a research & development official, & a human resources official. On a far more focused international growth targets meeting I would request functional administrators together with senior company leaders,& on an extensive discussion of where the company must proceed, I would request workers from within the labor force.
I would request the chief executive officer as the individual who would advice the preliminary discussion. He/she should hail from a diverse backdrop with the ability to include suggestions from various practical areas. The financial official would include money matters & offer details linked to financial risks & possibilities. His/her backdrop would give attention to global fiscal management. The logistics officer would go over

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