“Maximizing Professional and Personal Growth: A Comprehensive Development Plan” “Developing Managerial Abilities: A Strategic Plan for Professional Growth and Success” Developing Emotional Intelligence for Effective Team Leadership: A Self-Assessment and Continuous Improvement Plan


Create a development plan Using the outline provided including the sources provided And one additional source Expanding on the information
example provided
all charts are included But more can be added if you feel necessary
Create the missing sections of the development plan Referencing the book
For example Kolb’s learning style
source book: Working with emotional intelligence By Daniel Goleman
IBsn-13: 9780553378580
or ibsn -10: 055337858-9
Use sources that are provided example also provided
Development Plan Outline
Title page:
This should consist of the name of your report, student’s name, class number and title. The title should be your own unique representation of the contents of your paper.
Content page:
This should guide the reader into your paper. Put in sub headings of sections of your paper with page numbers.
This should include a brief summary of how the information in the report is Organized.
Section 1: Reflection:
To successfully complete this section, students should address the following elements:
Background (use clear subheading with content from the identified sections in full paragraphs. Sentences no bullets:
Cultural(What is my cultural background/history)
Professional (Where do I work? Describe the industry, where do I see myself in 5 years?)
Personal (Describe myself, family, status)
Academic (what are my academic goals? Where do I see myself in 5 years?
Some questions that you should address : My job (Describe my job. What is my role, Discuss my industry, Provide some trends and forecasts)
What are my current academic goals?
What are my current professional goals?
How do I intend to accomplish my professional goals?
How do others perceive me? (Explain)
Section 2: Concrete Experiences
CAREER ANCHOR- include in section. Illustrate creatively and include the scores in your address.
What is your career anchor?
What is my role at work and how do I accomplish my objective?
What are your future plans for your professional career?
What timelines if any do you have?
LEARNING STYLE (Kolb’s Learning Style Inventory)/ Include a shape of the Kite in your address.
What is your learning style?
Using the insights you have gained from the Learning Style Inventory, discuss your learning style preferences.
How have you learnt in the past?
How have other people viewed your learning style?
Give examples of how you have successfully learned in your preferred style.
Review other learning styles from academic sources that would reflect your style
Discuss the learning styles that you have reviewed using proper APA documentation.
Include at least one concept from the textbook to include in the address of this section. (document in APA)
Review all of the managerial abilities
Select which of the abilities directly impact you both personally and professionally.
Use Recap Form
Comment on each ability with at least one paragraph.
Discuss how you think each ability may or may not assist you in accomplishing your professional and academic goals.
You must then write a report.
Report should include all of the scores that you have received.
Student must compare and contrast the scores
You must decide how much to weigh your opinions with those of others, and then justify your decisions in the paper
It is recommended that your average the external scores and then compare them with your self-assessment scores. Your current level should reflect your best judgment as to where you stand with the address of each managerial ability. You must take into consideration discrepancies and inconsistencies.
Discuss why you scored yourself in that fashion in the self assessment exercise.
Section 3: Abstract Conceptualization (Focus on Recap Sheet
Attach a copy of the Recap Sheet to the Development Plan (students will have to attach a copy of the Recap Sheet to each SMAC contract in the program.
Managerial Ability Development Plan
Review the development plan and discuss why you selected the abilities in the high, medium and low range.
Students must address all of the managerial abilities.
Review the classes that you must take in the program to complete your degree
Develop an illustration (diagram) to indicate which abilities you might hope to address in each class in your program (this decision is not final, students may decide to adapt this plan later on in the program). Diagram will be reviewed in class lecture
Select which abilities you think you may want to develop in the specific classes
Provide a rationale for your selection.
Using the information in the first and second columns of the Recap Form*, make decisions regarding the priorities for development of your abilities.
Select 5 abilities that you think require the most development. Discuss why you selected them and how you hope to improve them during the course of your program
Select one leadership style that best fits the way that you manage.
Define the leadership style using the APA format.
Discuss how that style has impacted you professionally.
How has the review of emotional intelligence impacted your future leadership development?
Do you anticipate changes in how you lead? Explain.
Include one concept from the textbook in this section of your paper.
Continuous Improvement (Ongoing Development/ Professional Development)
How do you intend to transfer what you are learning in the program to the job?
How will you make the program work for you in your professional life?
Are there specific industry specific training programs that may assist you in accomplishing your professional objectives?
Do you aspire to be promoted based on your learning experiences?
Social Competency (Group Management).
Include a concept from the textbook in this section (document in APA)
Students should review the textbook “ Learning in Teams” to effectively address this section in the plan.
How did your team members perceive you?
How do I work in groups?
360 degree feedback (provide a copy with the results and a discuss of the data that you received)
Do a SWOT (Strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) analysis ( use in combination with the stress model to explain what you have learned about yourself in MGT 500(
Address how you hope to handle the threats and opportunities.
Include a secondary source that was used in the class on teams. (document in APA)
Section 4- Active Experimentation
Ethics and Social Responsibility
What are the ethical protocols in your industry? Describe
What recommendations would you make to become more socially responsible
How are ethical concerns addressed on the job?
How do you think it could be improved?
How do you intend to improve this aspect of your academic and professional life during the program?
Discuss how your company is socially responsible.
If company is not socially responsible or does not have ethical guidelines, provide suggestions to address this ideology.
Learning in Teams
What did you learn about yourself in your management teams?
What was your most comfortable role in the group setting?
How do you deal with conflict in a group?
How best do you learn in a group setting?
Appendix: (should include the following)
External Assessment Summary Form (with results)
Review the following guidelines for report development and presentation:
Report must be typed
Report must be typed in font 12
Use standard margins
Pages of report must be numbered
Double spacing should be used
APA documentation must be used
The Recap Sheet must be enclosed in report
Report must include a reference page.
Background Information (Personal, Professional, Academic)
Professional goals explained with specific reference to the industry of choice.
Assessments (Kolb’s Learning Style Inventory, Career Anchor, STRESS Model, Managerial Abilities Assessment (self and external).
Concept from Emotional Intelligence (include content from the textbook with citations)
RECAP Sheet (with explanation) (at least 3/4 page)
Concept from Emotional Intelligence (include content from the textbook with citatios)
Theoretical Framework (based on self-assessment, leadership or learning)
Role in a team (Learning in Teams) (role in the team)
Concept from Emotional Intelligence (include content from the textbook with citations)
360 Degree Feedback Assessment with results (at least 3/4 page)
Ethics (IRB certification Extra Credit)
Concept from Emotional Intelligence (include content from the textbook with citations)
Social Responsibility (industry specific)
Concept from Emotional Intelligence (include content from the textbook with citations)
Continuous Improvement (table of program classes, managerial abilities and topics)
advised to include at least two extra additional sources in the development plan
If more information is needed don’t hesitate to ask



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