Marketing B2B versus B2Caudiences

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MKT302Digital MarketingWorkshop 7Digital Marketing Strategy:Marketing B2B versus B2CaudiencesCopyright Notice
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This Topic’s Big Idea“The aim of marketing is to knowand understand the customer sowell the product or service fits himand sells itself.”Peter DruckerMarketing 91, 24/12/2017, What is marketing – definition of marketing, retrieved 10 June 2021,,been%20described%20as%20%E2%80%9Cthe%20art%20of%20selling%20products.%E2%80%9DLearning Outcomes1. Define what B2B marketing from a digitalcontext is.2. Define what B2C marketing from a digitalcontext is.3. Identify the differences and similaritiesbetween B2B and B2C digital marketing.4. Discuss the most common B2B digitalstrategies.5. Discuss the most common B2C digitalstrategies.How is the Subject Structured?Implementation Strategy Putting ittogetherLive examplesMaking it Interactive• To facilitate engagement, wewill be using emoji’s(emoticons)• You are to take an emoji whenyou come to class torepresent how you feel.• As an icebreaker to each classwe will discuss why this is thecase.We will be using a range ofemoji’s throughout thetrimester so keep an eye out forsome of your favourites.Workshop Activity 7.1Brainstorming SessionWhat does B2B mean?What does B2C mean?Share your thoughts with the rest of theclass.What is the Difference?B2B vs B2C, digital image, retrieved 10 June 2021 Digital MarketingExamplesPWC Website Home Page, retrieved 29 June 2021, Facebook Page, retrieved 29 June 2021, Twitter Page, retrieved 29 June 2021, LinkedIn Page, retrieved 29 June 2021, YouTube, retrieved 29 June 2021, B2C Digital MarketingExamplesTim Tam Facebook Page, retrieved 29 June 2021, Tam Instagram Page, retrieved 29 June 2021, Tam Easter Nest, Arnott’s YouTube, retrieved 29 June 2021,’s Website Tim Tam Page, retrieved 29 June 2021’s Twitter Page, retrieved 29 June 2021, Example• GrowthNow is a digital marketing agencybased in the inner city. They have 200 staffat their head office and their focus is ondigital marketing.• GrowthNow has two streams of business,one side focuses on B2B marketing whilethe other focuses on B2C marketing.B2B Business• Business to business.• Products and servicesare sold and marketedto other businesses.• Some examples ofpredominantly B2Bcompanies include:– Advertising agencies.– Consulting firms– Technology businessesB2C Business• Business to consumer.• Products and servicesare ultimately sold andmarketed toconsumers.• Some examples ofpredominantly B2Bcompanies include:– Most retailers.– Supermarkets.– Restaurants and cafés.
Differences BetweenB2B and B2C
• Some important differences to consider whenlooking at B2B and B2C companies:– Number of buyers.– Size of orders.– Value of orders.– Purchase initiation.– Level of risk.– Complexity of decision.– Information search.– Evaluating criteria.
Differences BetweenB2B and B2C Cont.
• B2C companies are more likely to have mobilephone compatible website than B2B companies.• B2B companies are more likely to have a blog.• B2C companies are likely to have influencers thatassist them to promote and sell products/ services.• B2B companies are more likely to useinfographics.• Both B2B and B2C companies identify video as auseful marketing medium.Marketing for B2B:Common Digital StrategiesStrategyRelationshipsThoughtleadershipStaffengagementDecisionmakingprocessMarketing for B2C:Common Digital StrategiesStrategyCustomerexperienceUniquenessInfluencersDecisionmakingprocessDecision MakingProcess• Applicable to bothB2B businesses andB2C businesses.• There can be anoverlap in roles.• The key is to ensurethat all decisionmakers needs aremet.RolesInitiatorInfluencerDeciderBuyerUserGatekeeperWorkshop Activity 7.2Brainstorming SessionWork in groups and determine who are thedecision makers in a B2B business and whoare the decision makers in a B2C business.Share your thoughts with the rest of theclass.Thought Leadership: B2B• Usually applicable in aB2B setting.• Build up the reputation ofthe business as a leaderin its industry/productcategory.• Digital marketing:– Publications– Case studies– Client testimonials– Reviews– Public relations– Webinars– Social mediaIBM Watson Homepage, retrieved 29 June 2021, Watson stories, retrieved 29 June 2021, Engagement• Staff have the ability tounderstand the valuesof the business and whatit stands for.• This enables staff toundertake their roleseffectively andunderstand thecustomer.• Digital marketing:– Social media– Emails– Digital displays– Surveys and feedback IBM Facebook Page, retrieved 29 June 2021,• Businesses often have amarketing team and a sales team• It is the role of the sales team tobuild relationships.• It is the role of the marketing teamto facilitate relationship building.• Digital marketing:– Social media– Marketing automation– Chat bots– Emails– Website and blog content– Customer feedback surveys– Webinars– Timed pop ups on websiteIBM Watson Homepage Let’s Talk, retrieved 29 June 2021, Activity 7.3Brainstorming SessionHow can GrowthNow market itself as adigital marketing agency?Share your thoughts with the rest of theclass.Challenges for B2B DigitalMarketing• Social media, despite its usefulness, isstatistically less-effective for B2Bcompanies than B2C companies.– However, email marketing is statistically moreeffective for B2B companies than for B2Ccompanies.• It can be difficult to engage customersdigitally for the long lead life cycle.Customer Experience: B2C• 360 degree customerexperience across allmarketing channels• Digital marketing– Social media– User friendly website– Marketing automation– Emails– Pop ups– Chat bots– Digital displays Gucci Australia Website Contact, retri eved 29 June 2021 -usUniqueness• Features and benefitsof the products areemphasised• Brand matters• Digital marketing– Website– Social media– Email– Digital displays– Influencer marketingGucci Australia Website Homepage, retrieved 29 June 2021,• Influencers or microinfluencers endorseor assist in the salesof the product• Digital marketing– Social media– Website– Email– Digital displaysGucci Instagram post featuring Harry Styles and James Corden, retrieved 29 June 2021, Activity 7.4Brainstorming SessionHow can GrowthNow market the local caféthat is located next to its headquarters?Share your thoughts with the rest of theclass.Challenges for B2C DigitalMarketing• Successful ROI from marketing activities.• Unable to pick up on social cues fromcustomers.• Data accuracy – dependent on the datacollected by websites and programs beingaccurate, difficult to verify manually.• Choosing the right technologies to meetthe company’s needs.Next WeekDigital Marketing metrics, big data, digitalaudiences and marketing automation

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