Justification report about the Hugelkultur method.

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Write a justification report about the Hugelkultur method. The plot is 450 sq● 1 X 20 ft container using for storage (seeds,soil,bulk and machines) and for office space. Our foundation contains hardcore. Retaining walls made out of railway sleepers.Using container cladding/walls for growing as well.● 1 X unit 2.50 X 3.00 mtr. Using for prepping area for fresh and drying herbs also to make essential oils.● 1 X polytunnel.● Solar panels on the container.● Small water tank for rainwater collection.● Septic tank for waste water. We aim for minimal waste as per our business model. Compostable waste will be composted on site and used to improve the soil.● Our plot is located at the lower level of Berry’s Farm, nearby the stream, out of side from roadside and neighbors. we are aware of hight and noise pollution.
Justification report about the Hugelkultur method.

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