INF20011 Mobile Business and Social Media

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Swinburne UniversityINF20011 Mobile Business and Social Media: Individual Assignment© Swinburne University 2021 INF20011
Word Count: 2000
Weighting: 30%
Due date: 2nd Sept 11.59pm
Social Media Mental Health ReportThe aim of this assignment is to expose you to the current issues involving Social Media and Mental Health. Yourfirst step will be to identify a general topic that you would like to choose for this research report. This could beany topic involving Mental Health and Social Media. You are advised to spend some time on Google Scholar togive you some ideas on current research.Step 2, to avoid writing a generic report it is advisable that you select a few (about 3) defining keywords that willshape your assignment such as platform type, health issues and age group. For example, if you are keen to look at‘Impact of Instagram on Teenagers’ then the following keywords could apply – ’depression’, ’teenagers’ and’Instagram’. Use these keywords and look-up Google Scholar and firm a topic of your choice. Once selectedplease consult your tutor for approval. No other student report should feature the same topic/issue.Step 3, Source at least 15 relevant academic articles at least (conference and journals) which your assignment willrely upon heavily to deliver analytical discussion apart from literature support. No blogs or Wikipedia areaccepted. In total there should be at least 15 academic articles. Please remember that the marker is looking foran analytical report. This would mean that your report will require in-text citations for credible literature.Your 4th step is to ensure that your report has enough depth and reflects our discussion in class. It isimportant that you narrow your discussion to a particular issue. Citing of actual case studies is highlyrecommended. Be critical in your report and compare similar academic articles to understand and analysethe content. High Distinctions are often attained by students who have understood, analysed and are ablecritique the content.Finally, you are required to draw a conclusion for the topic/issue which should include a strategy sectiondiscussing what should be considered in future as a remedy. Do remember that this assignment needs to bedelivered in a report format with proper sections (executive summary, introduction, content by sections,conclusion, references).Swinburne UniversityINF20011 Mobile Business and Social Media: Individual Assignment© Swinburne University 2021 INF20011Submission Requirements1. Your name and student id must be included.2. Save your file as follows: [StudentFirstName_StudentNumber.pdf] e.g. Suku_1234567.pdf3. The file will be submitted via the Canvas link > Assessment > Individual Assignment• Single PDF document submission only4. The pdf document should have approximately 2000 words (+/-10%)5. This assignment should be done in a report format and NOT essay. Do include sections such as ExecutiveSummary, Introduction, content by sections, Conclusion and References.6. Pages of the report should have appropriate headers and should include printed page numbers7. These sections do NOT form part of the word count (Title page, Abstract, Table of Contents, Pagefooters/headers and Reference Lists)8. You must use the Swinburne Harvard Referencing style throughout your report and include an accurate listof references at the end of the report. You can access the correct style from Canvas.9. The report should be written in 11-12 point font size and should use no more than 1/1.5 line spacingbetween each line10. Please make sure that you have a spare copy of the assignment.Late assignments will result in a lower grade for the assignment in accordance with the University’s Extensionsand Late Penalties policies.Any request for extension must be directed to the convener via email.You must include appropriate supporting documentation such as a doctor’s certificate or a letter from youremployer. These forms must be scanned and emailed to the convener as soon as possible.Assignment Hints and Tips: If you’re unsure of the structural differences between a report and an essay, please seek help from thelibrary or learning support centre. It is essential to read widely and use your own words to describe / discuss your thoughts. Regurgitating orcopying word for word will lead to severe reduction in marks. IMPORTANT: Plagiarism – the action or practice of taking and using as one’s own, the thoughts, writings orother work of someone else – is not condoned by the University and severe penalties will be imposed whereplagiarism is detected. Examples of plagiarism range from copying a passage from a book or another person’sassignment without appropriate acknowledgement, using another student’s computer program, orsubmitting identical assignments. All assignments will be checked for instances of plagiarism.

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