Identify the criteria you would specify to measure engagement with a brand of your choice.

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Intel is an ingredient brand, and only sell to OEMs such as Dell and HP. Intel’s online advertising and media mix are complex due to the nature of their highly technical products and the length of time it takes to sell into clients. Intel use advertising to increase brand awareness and preference, and to improve category relevance. Unfortunately the attitudinal data necessary to measure performance were infrequent and invariably late. This made performance measurement a challenge and delayed the chance to make real-time changes to current activities. All of this meant that it was difficult to measure engagement and to judge the value of online advertising and user behaviour. To correct this situation OMD and Intel developed the Value Point System (VPS). This is a weighted digital engagement measurement system which measures the success of Intel’s online consumer engagement, reaching across ads, and off-domain sponsorships. The VPS measures engagement in terms of a user’s interaction with Intel’s ads or their behaviour on the Intel site to learn more about the company and its products. The system recognises that not all interactions or behaviour are of the same value, so each interaction is weighted according to its value of engagement. Low values are assigned to shallow levels of engagement and the consumption of low-value propositions. So, landing on an Intel page that directs users to a variety of possible web pages and links has a very low engagement value. Conversely, considering a page which explains the benefits of using Intel processor(s) has a much higher value. As a result of the metrics generated Intel can make a range of informed decisions across digital paid media, social, and creative message performance. Intel’s messaging has become more product than branding focused and its ads are now optimised on a continuous basis. The media planning teams are more effective and efficient as they can now move media budgets from lower engagement/value to higher engagement/value sites in real time. By analysing data at placement level, media planners can identify high-performance areas within sites. There have been many other benefits including the identification of just how effective video advertising is worldwide, detecting highly active Intel-focused social media audiences, particularly in Russia, India and Brazil, and discovering new brand advocates in each country, as these people can lead to higher levels of engagement. The cost efficiency of Intel’s campaigns rose by 74% in 2010 and brand engagement increased 172%. Source:Intel (2011);
Question: Identify the criteria you would specify to measure engagement with a brand of your choice.
Task Find two other ways that are used to measure engagement.

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