Human Capital Needs

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You are taking on a new position as director of human resources and recruitment of a large company. One of the first things that you notice is that the job descriptions and the initial steps of the recruitment process are inconsistent among departments. You believe that to maintain consistency, each department should start by creating a needs analysis and job analysis.For this assignment, complete the following requirements:Create a training session that includes the following:• Description of a need’s analysis and job analysis:o One slide defining needs analysis, one slide defining job analysis and 2 additional slides comparing the pros and cons of each.• Description of internal and external recruiting:o One slide describing internal recruiting and one slide for external recruiting and 2 additional slides comparing the pros and cons of each.• Example of how to prepare a needs analysis (minimum 2 slides)• Example of how to prepare a job analysis (minimum 2 slides)• Explain how analysis results drive the use of internal or external recruiting (minimum of 3 slides).
Human Capital Needs

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