Homework title: managing marketing channelsMolkerei Alois

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Homework title: managing marketing channelsMolkerei Alois Müller gmbH & Co. kg or Müller is a multinational producer of dairy products, with headquarters in the german state of Bavaria. Founded as a family dairy farm in 1896 by Ludwig Müller, today his grandson Theo owns the successful business. The Müller group made a net turnover of €4.7 billion in 2012 and has nearly 21,000 employees worldwide. Müller is mostly well-known for its yogurts, and in this product area it is market leader in germany and the Uk, where its most well-known product is the ‘Müller Corner yogurt’. The name ‘corner’ is in reference to the design of the product. In 2012 Müller yogurts entered the US market through a joint venture between PepsiCo and Müller. The name of the joint venture is ‘Muller Quaker Dairy’. The Müller group has subsidiaries in the nearby European markets, like the Uk, Italy and Spain. However, in most export markets outside Europe, Müller mostly uses distributors for selling their yogurts to the grocery retailers in the different countriesQuestions:1. What could be the reason why Müller is using distributors (export mode) in markets outside germany?2. What would be the main reasons why Müller is using a joint venture solution (intermediate mode) with PepsiCo (Quaker) for the US market?Please look at the video clips at www.pearsoned.co.uk/hollensen.

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