Heartland Equestrian Centre App Project

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CASE STUDYHeartland Equestrian Centre App ProjectHeartland Equestrian Centre located in Macedon Ranges, Victoria. It offers a full service boardingfacility geared towards the needs of riders and their equestrian desires. The 100 acre facility is hometo multiple trainers and clinicians. Heartland offers an excellent lesson program covering alldisciplines of riding, and houses multiple arenas including dressage and jumping, round yard, horsewash, stables and much more. In addition Heartland offers trail riding and a full dude ranchexperience.Heartland Pty Ltd is managed by director, Jack Bartlett. Heartland has been experiencing a reductionin boarding horses, private lessons and retraining of difficult horses after one highly respected trainerleft for a position overseas, and a large horse training centre recently opened creating additionalcompletion. Heartland has a basic web presence and has considered developing their site, along withtraditional marketing approaches and an app, to help to promote and grow their business.You have been working for Equine Development Inc. casually for the last three months in theirmobile app development department. As a virtual team specialist, your company has applied for atender to develop an app for Heartland. Due to the importance of this project, the CEO of EquineDevelopment Inc, Peter Morris, and the Director of Mobile Development Lisa Stillman have bothmade this project a priority.The initial investment in the project is estimated to be $220,000 in year 0 of the project, $10,000 inyear 1, $15,000 in year 2, and $15,000 in year 3 a total of $260,000. Equine Development Inc.requires a discount rate of 10%. It is anticipated project future cash inflow as follows (Years 0 to 3):$0, $130,000, $130,000, and $130,000, a total of $390,000 The project will be expected to make atleast a 25% ROI, to conform to the Equine Development Inc, business model.The goal of the project is to propose an app, which is optimised for iPhone and Android devices. Theapp should allow client and potential clients to enrol and pay for riding lessons, horse boarding, retraining, booking trail rides and dude ranch reservations. Clients should be able to subscribe toHeartland newsletter and related upcoming events. There should be access maps of all trail rides, andvideos showcasing all the facilities. There should be a photo album for each horse and trainer. Theapp should provide users with an ability to provide an overall ranking of equestrian centre in terms ofattractions and services. Management believes it will take about five months (20 weeks) with a budgetof $260,000 for this important project. Morris aims for a budget contingency reserve of approximately10%.Peter Morris and Lisa Stillman have formed a search committee to find the best candidate formanaging the Heartland App Development Project. After reviewing many strong candidates, theydecided to appoint you, to put together the business case for this critical project. Your previous jobwas with a consultancy firm where you successfully implemented several android applicationdevelopment projects for medium sized enterprises, using virtual teams. Since this is a high priorityproject that should be completed in five months, they felt it was appropriate to get the best candidateto put together a quality business case and project management plan. They are offering a premium foryour contract at $120 p/hr for 2 d/wk, but a lot is at stake, Heartland and similar businesses are likelyto request further mobile app development projects. Morris and Stillman propose to be joint projectsponsors, and have handpicked Ty Borden, to be the main internal IT liaison and Mallory Wells to bethe Heartland liaison. They will let you as the new project manager form the rest of the project team ifthe tender bid is successful.In order to get the app developed in the time frame you propose to use an agile development approachwith a team of two programmers and a digital image specialist working on the app. It is anticipatedthe programmers will spend the equivalent of half a day a week on project management relatedactivities (e.g. completing status reports and attending meetings etc.) and the remaining 4.5 days ondevelopment. They will be paid at a rate of $85 p/hr, which is negotiable. You will also need to accessto an Equine consultant (Amy Flemming). The consultant and liaison team members pay rates arenegotiable and will only be required for a maximum of one week.You anticipate several challenges if this tender bid is successful. Equine Development originallyfocused on developing horse games apps for kids, but the CEO, Peter Morris, has emphasised theneed to increase profits by tapping into other markets, including business marketing projects. The typeof people who work on kids gaming projects are often different from people working on the newbusiness marketing projects. They often have different educational backgrounds, skill sets, and ideals.Most of the people hired in the past year have been hired to support these new markets. Even thoughyou and the Heartland Development project team tried to do a good job managing key stakeholders,there are some difficulties with several employees who disagree with the company’s new marketstrategies.The plan is to roll out review existing information, conduct research and gather new material. Detailedstoryboards, a prototype, alpha, beta and final version of the app will developed. The app will need tobe tested, and promoted prior to roll out. The project will be considered a success, if it comes in ontime, on budget, within scope and key stakeholders have been pleased with the communication andreporting processes.

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