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26/06/2021, 09:38 Page 1 of 5ID: 77246904Course: Graduate Master of Business Administration (Master of Business Administration)Email: [email protected]Supervisor: Smith, RonLREC: Kunamaneni, SuneelSCHOOL: Jones, Brian1 Involve direct and/or indirect contact with human participants?2 Involve analysis of pre-existing data which contains personal or sensitive information not in the public domain?3 Require permission or consent to conduct?4 Require permission or consent to publish?5 Have a risk of compromising confidentiality?6 Have a risk of compromising anonymity?7 Collect / contain sensitive personal data?8 Contain elements which you OR your supervisor are NOT trained to conduct?9 Use any information OTHER than that which is freely available in the public domain?10 Involve respondents to the internet or other visual/vocal methods where participants may be identified?11 Include a financial incentive to participate in the research?12 Involve your own students, colleagues or employees?13 Take place outside of the country where you are enrolled as a student, or for staff, outside of the UK?14 Involve participants who are particularly vulnerable or at risk?15 Involve participants who are unable to give informed consent?16 Involve data collection taking place BEFORE informed consent is given?17 Involve any deliberate deception or covert data collection?18 Involve a risk to the researcher or participants beyond that experienced in everyday life?19 Cause (or could cause) physical or psychological harm or negative consequences?20 Use intrusive or invasive procedures?21 Involve a clinical trial?22 Involve the possibility of incidental findings related to health status?23 Fit into any of the following security-sensitive categories: concerns terrorist or extreme groups; commissioned bythe military;commissioned under an EU security call; involve the acquisition of security clearances?If you believe you may need to answer yes to this question, please check here for further guidance before finalisingyour decision.Research Ethics OnlineTEJASHWINI NARABlimp infused drone for monitoring agricultural applicationsWILL YOUR RESEARCH STUDY…..?Please answer the following:YesNoYesNoNoNoNoNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo26/06/2021, 09:38 Page 2 of 5Your study has been provisionally classified as Risk Category 2.You must complete the remainder of this application, which will automatically be sent to your Research Supervisorupon submission, who will review your application and decide whether to recommend ethical approval, requestrevisions or reject the application.If your Supervisor recommends approval of your project they will refer it to the Local Research Ethics Coordinator(LREC) who will review your project and decide whether to grant ethical approval, request revisions, reject theapplication or refer it to the appropriate School level group for review. For security-sensitive research, see theResearch Ethics Procedures for details of the approval process.You will be notified of the outcome by email. You can also view the outcome on the ‘My Applications’ page of thissystem.Is this project externally funded?Please give a brief summary of your study (maximum 100 words).Is this a group project?If Yes, provide group member names:Please give a brief overview of your study, including a summary of your aims and objectives:RISK CATEGORY 2Student ApplicantsPROJECT SUMMARYStart date of project7th June 2021Expected completion date of project25th June 2021Externally FundingNoProject SummaryMonitoring agricultural applications such as crop health, vegetation indices, plant growth, crop yield forecasting andwater resources by coupling blimp with drones. Principally, the drawbacks of employing drone for agriculturemonitoring includes short flight time and cannot be operated under certain weather conditions. Whereas, thesechallenges can be overcome through connecting drones with a blimp which provides better flight time andpreferable control and handling. Therefore, the farmers can remotely monitor the crops with latest technology toprovide sustainable farming, improve yield and increase overall from profitability to a great potential.Project Group MembersYesTejashwini NaraMukul SharmaShivam RaiAthul Govind PrasanthJeswin BabuMohammed Shabeer SahabathPROJECT DETAILS1) Project OverviewThe purpose of this project is to investigate how blimp infused drones could be commercially viable solution tomonitor agricultural applications.26/06/2021, 09:38 Page 3 of 5Please give a description of your methodology, including any data collection and analysis methods:Please give a description of the main ethical considerations involved in the study:If your study includes Human Participants (or their data), please give a description of who will be included:If your study includes Human Participants, please give a brief description of the recruitment process, how you willensure voluntary participation, if (and how) informed consent will be obtained prior to participants taking part in thestudy, and the right of withdrawal from the research process:Please give a brief description of how, when and where the research will take place and whether there are any risksand/or benefits involved:Please specify what type of information/data will be collected/analysed and the source(s). In addition, specify if andhow you will ensure the anonymity of participants and keep information confidential:Please give details of the planned dissemination and specify if the findings from the research will be published andwhether any permission is required for this:The objectives of the study are as follows:1. To conduct research in the field of drone coupled blip applications and scouting efficiency.2. To create a business model around any such new product.3. To investigate how a blimp infused drone could be manufactured using which materials, tolls and suppliers andestimate the costs involved.4. To apply analytical tools such as Analytical Hierarchy Process and/or Quality Function Deployment/House ofQuality to test the viability of the business idea.2) MethodologyPrimary data collection will be undertaken through online surveying of the individuals in the agricultural trades.Secondary data collection will be undertaken via web research to investigate applications of agricultural drones andto develop the business case.An online survey questionnaire are as follows:1. How high will these agricultural drones fly?2. Which are the ideal weather states to fly drone above an area?3. What type of advice can farmers receive from the pictures?4. Which distances could the agricultural drones fly?5. What are the principal benefits farmers could receive from using agricultural drones?6. What are the benefits of missing smart agricultural machines and agricultural drones?7. What will be the expectations for the market in the next several years?3) Main Ethical ConsiderationsParticipation in the study will be voluntary and will not involve collecting personal or sensitive information.Responses will be treated with anonymity.4) Human ParticipantsPrimary data collection will be undertaken through online surveying of individuals in the agricultural trades.5) Recruitment and ParticipationI will be recruiting via the snowball method, using existing contacts and recommendations/referrals fromparticipants. I will provide potential participants with the participant information sheet and consent form by email.Consent will be obtained by email or (as a last resort) verbal confirmation prior to commencing with data collection.6) Risks and BenefitsThere will be no face-to-face contact and this research will take place via the internet (online survey). There are norisks beyond the ordinary risks of everyday life and using the internet. The benefit of the research will be to increaseknowledge about the potential applications of blimp infused drones to monitor agricultural challenges andunderstand the effectiveness of the agricultural remote sensing product to the farmers.7) Personal Data, Anonymity and ConfidentialityNo personal information will be collected. Participants will be asked questions related to their profession that will notbe commercially sensitive. Responses will be anonymous.8) Reporting and DisseminationNo dissemination or publishing of the research is planned.26/06/2021, 09:38 Page 4 of 5Will the research take place outside of the country where you are enrolled as a student, or for staff, outside of theUK?Is the research is a collaborative project (ie, it involves more than one institution):Please specify if the project requires any other ethical approval or permissions not mentioned previously in thisapplication and how and when these will be obtained:I have read an appropriate professional or learned society code of ethical practice:For projects involving human participants, you must submit, where appropriate, the Participant InformationSheet/consent form. You must also submit every communication a participant will see or receive. Failure to do sowill cause delays to the application.9) Location of researchNo10) Collaborative ProjectsNo11) Any other permission or external ethical approval required to undertake the projectN/ARISK CATEGORY 2: DECLARATIONComply with Policy and ProceduresYes : I confirm that I have read the Research Ethics Policy and relevant sections of the Research Ethics Procedures andwill adhere to these in the conduct of this project.ConfirmationYes : I confirm that I will undertake this project as detailed in the application. I understand that I must abide by theterms of this approval and that I may not make any substantial amendments to the project without further approval. Iunderstand that research with human participants must not commence without ethical approval.BenefitsYes : The results of the research should benefit society directly or by generally improving knowledge andunderstanding. Please tick this box to confirm that your study has a potential benefit.Note: If you cannot identify a benefit you must discuss your project with your Research Supervisor to help identify oneor adapt your proposal so the study will have an identifiable benefit.Learned SocietiesNoSUBMISSION CHECKLISTPlease indicate the supporting documents submitted by ticking the appropriate boxes below:Yes : Participant Information Sheet(s)Yes : Consent Form(s)No : Assent Form (usually for children participants)No : Recruitment documents eg, posters, flyers, advertisements, email invitations, letters, web pages if online researchNo : Measures to be used eg, questionnaires, surveys, interview schedules, psychological testsNo : Screening questionnaireNo : Letters/communications to and from gatekeepers/third partiesNo : Evidence of any other approvals or permissions eg, NHS research ethics approval, in-country approvalNo : Research proposal/protocol (no more than 2-3 A4 pages): It is not a requirement that this is included, however, ifthis would help the understanding of a complex project by the reviewer(s), please includeNo : Risk assessment from: Some projects may require a risk assessment form: see the Procedures document fordetails (eg, projects involving a physical intervention, collecting data off-campus)26/06/2021, 09:38 Page 5 of 5Please upload your files here:No : Approval documentation for projects involving ionising radiationNo : Confirmation of insurance and indemnity cover: Some projects need to be referred to the Insurance & Risk Officer:see the Procedures document for detailsNo : Other document/sFile uploads  Download All (zip) Download All (zip)Name File Size DateUploaded Participant Information Sheet.docx 102.97 KB 10-JUN-21 Consent_form_Interviews.docx 87.99 KB 10-JUN-21© Copyright Leeds Beckett University 2014

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