Grading Criteria and Feedback

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Assessment and Feedback DetailsAssessment Task 1 Due Date (2019) SILOs Assessed Report on Primary Classroom-based Inquiry Investigation (1200 words) Tuesday Sep 07, 11.55pm 30 1, 4, 5 Submission Details This task is to be submitted in PebblePad.It is preferred that this task be based on the Task 1 Primary Connections Investigation Planner.Grading Criteria and FeedbackAssessment Criteria for Science Investigation: • Identify an open-ended investigation suitable for level F to 6 and link to curriculum (science understandings and science as inquiry approach) and academic writing and referencing (5) • Use a framework of investigation based on Planning, conducting, Processing and Evaluating including details of variables and a fair test (10) • Show and discuss evidence of doing the investigation using photographs of important stages (5) • Pedagogical discussion of how this inquiry-based process could be implemented in the classroom (5) • Explanation of safety and sustainable aspects covered during the investigation (5)Description of TaskReport on Primary Classroom-based Inquiry Investigation (1200 words): Science Investigation – Investigate and report on an open-ended problem and teaching strategy suitable for the Australian Primary classroom based on an inquiry-based investigation framework. It is expected that this report will cover the following aspects: • Ability to use an inquiry-based framework to investigate a scientific problem • Capacity to evaluate and discuss scientific investigative processes in relation to evidence • Demonstrated understanding of teaching strategies for employing an inquiry-based method in primary science classrooms • Clear explanation of safety management strategies and sustainable resource use in Primary science • Clear and accurate academic writing and referencingThe investigation framework is expected to be completed using the Task 1 Primary Connections Investigation Planner template that is available in the assessment section of LMS. This task is to be completed individually and evidence of your investigation must be recorded using photographs.

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