GER502: Ageing and Society in Asia LONGEVITY ECONOMY AND OPPORTUNITIES IN SPORE Globally, the Longevity…

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GER502: Ageing and Society in Asia
Globally, the Longevity Economy is one of the fastest-growing and yet under-exploited for the tremendous opportunities it represents. The ageing population is a boon rather than a bane.
The unprecedented spending power of people aged 60 and over, is predicted to reach US$15 trillion by 2020. It signals a rush of economic activities which are reshaped by this new narrative.
Conduct a literature review of 20 articles to assess the development in changes of consumer behaviour, working patterns, retirement expectations and social needs of the older adults.
Analyse the new opportunities created in the silver industry in Asia.
Based on your literature review and findings, develop a recommendation that adopts one best practice from overseas which represents an untapped opportunity to meet the demands of the Singapore baby boomer generation.
In this assignment, you will display your ability to:
1. Become familiar with the literature related to ageing policies and practices in Longevity Economy in Asia.
2. Summarise the key findings into a cogent piece of writing. Please use literature no earlier than the year 2000. Some landmark studies were published earlier than 2010, and in these cases, it is acceptable to use and cite them as your references.
3. Analyse the new initiatives being implemented globally and any challenges arising.
4. Assess and discuss their opportunities, as well as the specific strategies and/or approaches to harness the new potentials.
5. Reflect on the key findings and develop greater self-awareness and insights regarding your beliefs and attitudes towards these programmes.
6. Correctly cite references (using APA format) to substantiate the statements you make regarding the topic you have chosen.
7. Develop a recommendation of a best practice from the findings of the literature review.

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