future world energy supply and demand balance

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.4Summary and ConclusionsThe main theme of the First Supplement was that energy supply would be the dominant aspect of the future world energy supply and demand balance. On any traditional energy framework, it would be difficult to find the production to match the potential demand. The three resources of coal, uranium and natural gas were reviewed. It was hoped that any complacency would be dispelled that these resources could easily be turned to reserves and then into production. It was emphasized that considerable and early effort was required. In this Second Supplement, the emphasis has been on crude oil, but there has been so much recent discussion that crude oil has had to be reviewed in the context of world energy supply and demand, including the position in. the USSR and the People’s Republic of China. One major point in the first chapter on Demand was the con-flict between different opinions on many basic points, including social and political considerations, which directly or indirectly affect any estimate of the scale and type of growth in world energy utilization. A further reminder of these considerations is considered necessary. There are many ideas as to the ideal and possible types of society which should or will evolve over the next thirty to fifty years. Are the nations which have developed into industrial societies nearing the end of an evolutionary path, with the costs of maintenance increas-ing faster than productivity? Have basic standards to be revised? Will energy scarcity drift nations into increasingly’ institutional macro-planning? If multi-national research into nuclear fusion is successful, will this lead to multi-national construction and planning of supply allocation? In contrast, if small solar energy units Were developed early, would they allow micro planning and greater in-dividual freedom? In the petroleum field, the increasing difficulties and therefore costs of exploration and distribution from hostile87

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