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Maximum word count of the work should be about 3000 words, excluding title page, contents page, tables, figure and appendices;
The work should be written in easy-to-read English using an academic style, and without journalistic hyperbole.
Pagination: each page is to be numbered consecutively from 1, except the first.
The first page is the title page and the second page is a contents page.
The title page has to contain the title, UB number and the word count.
The body of contents is to be sectionalized and numerically ordered.
Minimum font size is Times Roman 12 pt or equivalent, with double or 1.5 line spacing.
Text is to be justified both left and right.
Tables and figures have to have a title and be numerically labeled. If convenient, they are to be placed in close proximity to the relevant text, or if large, exhibited following the conclusion.
All external sources of information are to be cited using Harvard style. Complete details of all citations are to be collected under the “List of References”.
Equations such as formulas should be entered using an equation editor, and numbered. Complex derivations should be assigned to an appendix.
The complete work is to be organized in the following way:
Title page
Contents page
Introduction – Body Text – Conclusion
Any large tables and figures
Any Appendices
List of References
The assignment is an assessed piece of work that is to be completed individually.  It
accounts for 100% of the total marks available for this module.
Each student is required to submit a Word file document containing their answer AND the
accompanying Excel spreadsheet file containing the relevant quantitative analysis. The Excel file must be presented fully explained so the reader can readily understand the structure of the calculations. The analytical methods used in the analysis must also be fully explained in the Word file.
15.00 on Friday, July 30th 2021.
The assignment is composed of two separate sections:
Part 1 (40% of the mark)
The task is to collect daily adjusted closing prices for the last three years for 10 companies of choice, making sure that the time span fully covers three years. Data need to be collected from official sources either provided by the University (Bloomberg, DataStream) or web based (YahooFinance). In addition to stock prices, each student is required to collect adjusted daily closing prices for the S&P500 index. The list of stocks will form a portfolio and each student can freely choose the weighting of each stock in the portfolio, except equal weighting. The report should include the following:
Relevant descriptive statistics of the data set for the 10 equities and the market index
An estimation of the 1-day VaR at 95% and 99% confidence levels for the portfolio with the chosen weights
The 10-days VaR at 95% and 99% confidence levels for the portfolio with the chosen weights
The estimation of expected shortfall (CVaR) for both VaRs in 2. and 3.
Part 2 (60% of the mark)
The task is to numerically value 2 options, one call and one put (European or American) on one of the stocks selected in part 1 by using the binomial lattice framework and comparing the result with the Black-Scholes option valuation method.
The options to be valued and the underlying asset are to be selected according to the student’s choice
The two options, one call and one put must have the same strike price and maturity and the maturity must be at least 6 months.
Both results obtained using the binomial lattice and Black-Scholes formula have to be compared with the market price.
Put-call parity relationship needs to be shown.
The lattice should have at least 200 steps.
Sensitivity analysis should be performed.

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