Exploiting Knowledge from Websites

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8:180 4•ZCt mqoutlook.sharepoint.com/tSharePoint •••• •SoE Student PortalThesis TopicsAuto Movie Tagging by Exploiting Knowledge from WebsitesSee allDesigning an algorithm that can automatically label multiple keywords/tags for movies or other videos with long duration.User Privacy Preserving Can we design a in Video solution to protect user Recommenders privacy without compromising the experience to enjoy online videos?Large-scale Video Uploading Strategies in Vehicular NetworksThis project explores the placement of Roadside units in a city to satisfy the uploading capacity demand of multiple buses with different routes.Al based Password Testing the security tool effectiveness of Al development generated guessed passwordsSoftware defined securityEdge cloud III
How to automate the Security solutions for 5G and loT NetworksThe goal is to develop a reference architecturethat will mink., it nnoicir

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