Evaluate the concept of vicarious liability.

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Evaluate the concept of vicarious liability.
Vicarious liability is a legal concept that means a party may be held responsible for injury or damage even when he or she was not actively involved in an incident. The implications of vicarious liability are that the party charged is responsible for the actions of his or her subordinates. In this case, the “party” would be the corporation, and the “subordinates” would be the employees of that corporation. However, companies have always been liable for the actions of their employees in the performance of their designated work responsibilities. What has changed is the notion of cyberliability, where an employee’s Internet activity (web surfing and e-mails) can be treated in the same manner as letters written on company letterhead. Therefore, anything inappropriate, offensive, unethical, or illegal that an employee does while “on the clock” can expose the company to vicarious liability. On that basis, monitoring software is just allowing companies to do something they have always wanted to do but never had the capability until now

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