emphasis in this task is on deployment

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A Presentation Package consisting of a maximum 15 slides, detailed below in Assignment Two.Students are required to submit a presentation paper based on the report done in Assignment One, using slides (not more than fifteen slides). NOTE that Turnitin will not accept power point so you must submit your slides as word documents. The submission of your slides package should be organized and clearly structured in a report, format.Your slides package should consist of the visuals that you would use to prepare for a presentation of your written report to your clientorganisation.The emphasis in this task is on deployment, application and presentation which is reflected in the mark allocations for component 2. As such you should design a professional slides package that will facilitate the presentation of your written report (assignment component one), demonstrating the value of your analysis to your client and detailing the key academic insights and emphasising the deployment, applications and presentation of these insights in the context of yourchosen client organisation. Your presentation package should therefore be a combination of the academic/ conceptual insights (with the relevant academic sources clearly indicated on each of your slides), together with the practical value of these insights being demonstrated in the context of your chosen org.anisation.LENGTH REQUIRED15 Presentation slides Each of these slides will be marked as being equivalent to 200 words — therefore the slides package will be treated as a 3,000 submission.

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