effective communication is essential

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that approach? 5. We believe effective communication is essential in order to influence others in a positive way. Could you explain how you would influence someone in a more senior role that your ideas are highly valuable to the organisation? 6. Innovation seems to be everyone’s buzz word, including ours, but I think we could be doing better in this area. What do you think might be holding us back? And how would you improve creativity and innovation in your team?Presentation Requirements: This assignment requires use of the Harvard Referencing System. Please consult the Guidelines for Referencing and Presentation in Written Reports and Essays published by the College of Business.You can access this here: College of Business Referencing and Presentation Guide.docxPlease answer each question, one at a time. You can write in both first person and third person. Assignment Criteria: • Insightful use of the literature covered in Leadership and Management • Responses which are comprehensive yet concise, coherent and convincing • Use of examples from workplace and business cases studied in this course, to support arguments • Explaining not only what you would do but also the evidential and theoretical grounds that add to your credibility by making clear why you would do those things Rubric: Please view the marking rubric here b. Submission: The assignment must be submitted electronically via myRMIT Studies/Canvas using the Turnitin assignment e-Submission procedure. Turnitin will review your submitted work and provide an originality report for you and your facilitator.Assessment Declaration:I declare that in submitting all work for this assessment I have read, understood and agree to the content and expectations of the Assessment declaration e .

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