Effective business communication is perceived as the key to accomplishing sustainable improvement in the performance of a busine…

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Introduction: Effective business communication is perceived as the key to accomplishing sustainable improvement in the performance of a business. The necessity for communication within the organization as well as in the external context is profoundly observed in the modern business environment that is characterized by drastic changes consistently. Description of organization: The following assessment is directed towards evaluation of the case of a multinational organization headquartered in Australia which deals with manufacturing and distribution of agricultural equipment with a prominent local as well as international client base. The organization’s workforce comprises of 8000 employees with its operations spread across five different countries namely Australia, India, Vietnam, Nigeria and Oman (Adnan & Jambari, 2016). Another profound highlight that can be noticed in the case of the selected organization is the formidable customer base which accounts for more than 1 million customers all over the world. Primary Purpose of the Report: The primary purpose of the report is vested in addressing the communication challenges encountered by the case study organization in recent times. The report would aim at evaluating the communication-related issues faced by the organization and develop reasonable insights for resolving the issues. Scope of report: The scope of the report would include the three notable communication issues that would be evaluated by referring to literature available with references to the three issues. The scope of the report would also imply that there would be no consideration for the influence of additional factors that influence effective business communication and would focus mainly on the three concerned issues. The report would cover issues such as the use of social mediaas a resource for business communication, feedback’s significance and the necessity of intercultural communication. Report outcome: The report outcome would be primarily identified in the comprehensive interpretation of the nature of the issues and the factors that promoted them that can help in deriving strategic recommendations for addressing the issues (Asante, Miike & Yin, 2013). The report outcome would also emphasize the implementation aspects of the recommendations alongside establishing metrics for ascertaining the success or failure of the recommendations. Structure Preview: The structure of the report would be divided into four distinct sections with the first section denoting an introductory statement regarding the scope and purpose of the report. The next section would present an analysis of the situation encountered by the case study organization that would be illustrated in the form of critical review of literature with respect to the three issues identified for the organization. The third section of the report presents a concluding summary of the discussions in the assessment which is followed by presenting recommendations for addressing the individual issues (Bennett, 2017). Analysis: Communication is an imperative factor for ensuring success and prosperity of a business organization. The impact of corporate communication is not limited to the scope of conveying information but also for crucial business activities that include motivation of the workforce, coordination among different departments or business units of organization and most important of all for management decision making(Breakenridge, 2017). The case of the selected organization in this report reflects profoundly on the communication challenges such as ineffective use of social media for improved support for teams in the organization to develop knowledge bases, sharing information and ideas as well as supporting the management of tasks.

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