Discussion: Professional Associations Assignment Instructions

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Discussion: Professional Associations Assignment Instructions
Note: These instructions apply to the final Discussion assignment. Please view the Discussion: Professional Associations Grading Rubric for further details. The first four Discussion assignments have a different set of instructions and grading rubric.
Thread: The candidate will compile a collection of professional associations in various higher-education disciplines in a Word-document table and then upload the table in Canvas as your thread.
Part 1: The candidate will perform a Google search and prepare a list of organizations by career groupings (disciplines). Include the name of the association, webpage link, basic purpose of the association, membership levels, fees, and a short description of how the association may be helpful to you as a leader in higher education (100-word minimum). A complete list will contain seven associations in at least three disciplines. A template and example are provided in Canvas.
For the candidate’s 8th entry, while investigating various associations, the candidate will also find and enroll in a free, online higher education news service. For the news service entry (your final entry), provide similar details as you did for Part 1 (i.e., Admitted, University Business, Academic Impressions, Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, Higher Ed Hot Topics, The Chronicle: Your Daily Briefing, Diverse Military, Diverse Focus, Inside Track’s Insight, Today in College Admissions).
Replies: The candidate will reply to at least two classmates’ threads. Provide feedback to your classmates’ professional association choices, suggest additional resources to be considered, and explain why.

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