Development of Social Media Marketing Strategy

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III. Development of Social Media Marketing Strategy: In this section, you will be developing your own social media marketing strategy for SNHU Pet Supply. You will be identifying social media platforms and metrics you will use to inform the strategy.
Identify the social media platforms that will comprise your social media marketing strategy for SNHU Pet Supply. Rationalize each selection, explaining what specific features align with your strategy.
Describe the ratio of paid versus organic content for each social media platform selected and explain the reasoning behind this choice. Cite specific evidence to support your reasoning.
Describe how each identified social media platform can be leveraged to support the SNHU Pet Supply marketing strategy. Support your description with specific examples.
Explain the metrics that will be used to inform your social media marketing strategy for SNHU Pet Supply. In your explanation be sure to:
Describe the metrics you will use to measure your social media marketing strategy.
Define indicators of success and explain how they align to your social media marketing strategy.
Describe how your social media marketing strategy fits into SNHU Pet Supply’s overall marketing strategy. Support your reasoning with specific examples from the case study.

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