Develop a PowerPoint presentation.

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Develop a PowerPoint presentation.
In order to present the new sustainability policy and procedures and action planto staff, you are required to develop a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following:
Promote the policy and procedure by outlining the benefits of sustainability based on the research and analysis you undertook in Assessment Task 1.An outline of the new sustainability policy and procedures and the rationale for development (as per the briefing report).Expected outcomes of the sustainability policy and proceduresPlanned sustainability actions and roles and responsibilities.
ThePowerPointslides should include:
graphics such as tables, charts, or images to add interest to your presentation.a summary of sustainability benefits in your presentation first and then at the end of the presentation, outline the new sustainability policy and procedure and action plan.
Use the notes section of the PowerPoint program to help you remember content when you are presenting.
Deliver your PowerPoint presentation.
At the outset of the presentation, indicate that the team will be able to ask questions during and at the end of the presentation and may offer suggestions for additional strategies.
Clearly deliver presentation content using the PowerPoint slides you have developed.
During and after the presentation, demonstrate effective communication skills including:
Speaking clearly and conciselyUsing non-verbal communication to assist with understandingAsking questions to identify required informationResponding to questions as requiredUsing active listening techniques to confirm understanding

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