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Top tips &porn high perborming StudentsDr Isaac is Kevin’a imaginary Assistant and Design Thinking Guru. Dr Isaac has identified top tips for presenting high quality submissions based on recent high performing studentsis Persona Development Tips
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2b Your Own Design Report Tips Double Diamorid DESIGN PROCESS
rffServices °Liberec!lb Stakeholder Discovery Report Tips• HD Assessments included:• ‘Meer executive summary that show what (was investigated}, why (purpose), how (method) and what (findings) and So What? (i.e. How your findings inform the direction of ideation that will he revealed in Assignment 2A). • Your task is not to provide the solution, but rather to demonstrate that your researchthemes (anchors) providedirection for the solution building stage to be delivered in assignment 2a_ • Assignments were well structured: Purpose (Aim), Method, Findings, Conclusion, Recommendations. You may choose other headings. • Recommendations are as per second point above_ • Most adopted the the table format to enable comparison among sources (primary and secondary) and between them_ • Primary data was best presented showcasing exemplar quotes to demonstrate evidence of your insights_ • Most unpacked their themes to provide depth of insight, rather than just identify a theme. • Referencing demonstrated peer-reviewed secondary sources included.

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