design and develop an in-house training program

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Assessment item 3Training Program Design Value: 50% Due date: 21-May-2018 Return date: 13-Jun-2018 Length: 2800 words, +/10%, excluding items listed below. Submission method options Alternative submission methodTask This assessment requires you to design and develop an in-house training program to address the training and I or development need that was identified from the Needs Assessment in Assessment 2. As a minimum, you will need to include the following information:Organisation • A brief description of the organisation; and explain the importance of the training andior development need that was identified.Participants identify participants; • an explanation of the cohort of who need to participate in the program; and • how would the participants (and the organisation) benefit from the program.Program Plan • A detailed plan based on your choice of learning theories; program objectives (no more than four objectives) and the learning theories that underpin your design; • schedule and planned activities; • method of delivery; instructions for the trainer. and • feedback I evaluation.Resources Required • outline all the resources required that would facilitate design, implementation and evaluation of the program’s success or failure; • list of hand outs, notes and/or powerpoints or other material for trainees; • technologies required; • location; • staff; and • what do you think it will cost.

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