Describe the employee’s responsibilities towards customers.

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Q6 Describe the employee’s responsibilities towards customers. This is a describe question and will therefore require quite a lot of detail e.g. Working to standards, safeguarding etc. Also you need to mention what happens when responsibilities are not adhered to.Q18 Describe how to respond to customer feedback. You have considered how to respond to feedback, both negative and positive – please could you refer to NHS England Board and what that annual report outlines.Q20 Explain how workers and organisations can learn from positive and negative feedback. You have considered how feedback will affect the future. Please could you refer to SCIE method of handing complaints and also what happens when there are serious failings.Q21 Outline an employee’s responsibility to report and escalate concerns. You could also include concerns about faulty equipment or bad management, misuse of confidential information. Please can you give some details of how and when safeguarding concerns would be reported and also what is the process in the case of and incident that requires whistleblowing.Q22 Explain the importance of honesty and integrity in identifying and reporting situations where expectations have not been met. Please could you explain the meaning of the words – honesty, integrity and transparency,Also refer to duty of candour and what the individual’s responsibilities are when customers expectations are not met

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