Comparing two works of art

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write a paper that compares two works of art – as per the common course assessment
Compare and contrast two selected art works in a 1000 – 1500 words research paper.
Through your paper, answer the following questions;
CLO 2: Demonstrate an understanding of the diversity of art and architectural forms as determined by period, style, cultural and historical concerns.
• Give some background about the artists (and if there is no artist listed – then about the time period & culture).• What are the different cultures represented in these artworks?• How have culture/politics/time period shaped these artworks – give the context?• Are there any historical details or events that the artworks have in common (for example both created in times of war?)• Are these artworks part of a certain style of genre (what are the common elements of that style?)• What is the subject of the artwork?
CLO 3: Meaningfully apply approaches and theories to a work in written assignments, discussions and presentations.
Comparing two works of art

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