Case Study: The Demetriou family have booked an appointment at their local multidisciplinary Primary health clinic for their…

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Purpose of this assignment:
Purpose: Each student will submit an essay which processes their chosen Demetriou family member according to the Levett-Jones Clinical Reasoning Cycle. This piece will allow the student to demonstrate their developing skills of identifying health care priorities and person-centred nursing care.
1200 words +/- 10%, Essay format
Overview: You are required to use the information below, along with reviewing current, relevant, peer-reviewed nursing literature to answer this case study. For the purposes of Assessment Task 3, please choose ONE (1) of the following family members, Peter, Harriet or Lola to examine using the Clinical Reasoning Cycle (Levitt-Jones, 2018).
In written essay format you are required to pick ONE (1) member of the Demetriou family and apply the first FOUR (4) phases of the Clinical Reasoning Cycle to demonstrate how a beginning nurse might plan the care of this one individual.
Consider the Patient Situation
Collect cues and information
Process Information
Identify the Problem/Issue
Case Study: The Demetriou family have booked an appointment at their local multidisciplinary Primary health clinic for their yearly influenza injection. The Demetriou family live in a 2-level home in the suburbs of South-Eastern Sydney. Peter (46 years) and Danielle (44 years) live with their 3 children, Harriet (19), Jack (17) and Lola (12). Peter’s father died 4 years ago from colon cancer and his mother Maria (67) has moved in with the family.
Peter Demetriou 46 years Peter was born in Greece and migrated to Australia as a small child. He owns and runs his own successful building business which focuses on home renovations mostly. It has been a stressful time for Peter and his not on top of this business bookwork. While Peter has an active lifestyle, his has a poor diet (typically eats fast food for lunch) and drinks socially on the weekend.
Harriet Demetriou 19 years
Harriet is a secondyear nursing student. She works casually at the local Woolworths and volunteers at the local hospital as people greeter/way finder. Harriet enjoys socialising with friends, and drinks alcohol at the parties attends. She has recently become sexually active.
Lola Demetriou 12 years Lola is in her first year of high school. She is struggling to fit in at high school and has started to feel anxious attending school. She loves ballet and gymnastics. Lola has asthma which she has had since she was 4 years old. She can usually self-manage her symptoms with medication.
Focus and Introductory Statement: (10 marks) There is a clear introduction that outlines the topic, and profiles the scope, content and the sequence of the essay topic.
Sequencing: (15 marks) The content in the writing matches the outline presented in the introductory paragraph. Most paragraphs are organised in a logical manner so that content flows from one paragraph to the next, and the essay ends with a rational conclusion.
Critical thinking: (55 marks) Demonstrates comprehensive analysis of the first four steps of the Clinical Reasoning Cycle in relation to the case study. Clear identification of all related issues. Supported by recent and high-quality scholarly sources.
Mechanics: Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation: (10 marks) Expressed ideas clearly, concisely and fluently. There are minimal errors with grammar, spelling and punctuation, and the meaning is readily discernible.
Academic style and referencing: (10 marks) Used appropriate professional language; correctly cited all sources both within the text and reference list; consistently and correctly used APA 7th style.

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