BSBWOR402A: Promote team effectiveness

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BSBWOR402A: Promote team effectivenessAssessment activity.Team roles questionnaireInstructions Look at Belbin’s team roles. Decide on the role you usually assume. Complete the activity and work out what role you actually assume.There are 7 situations to be addressed, with 8 possible responses and 10 points to be allocated. That is, you need to read each situational statement then consider the listed responses. Select the responses which most apply to yourself, in that situation, and allocate points to your chosen responses. Spread your 10 points over the 8 answers in such a way that the number of votes for an answer indicates how true it is for you in that situation – the more applicable the answer is, the greater the number of points.Distribute the 10 points for each situation in any way you wish. You might give most, or all of the points to one answer, or give at least one point to most answers. The total points for each situation, however, must total 10. There are no right or wrong answers – the more truthfully you answer, the more useful the questionnaire will be for you. The situations are designed to elicit responses that are true for you most of the time. However, because you might, to some extent, behave differently in different teams the results might be more consistent if you have one particular team in mind when you answer the questions.Situation 1. In a team at work I can contribute:a.b.c.d.By quickly seeing and taking advantage of new opportunities.By working well with a wide range of people.Producing ideas, which is one of my natural assets.By my ability which rests in being able to draw people out whenever I detect they have something of value to contribute to the group.e.f.h.By my capacity to follow through which has much to do with my personal effectiveness.Because I am ready to face temporary unpopularity if it leads to worthwhile results in the end.Because I can usually sense what is realistic and likely to work.Because I can offer a reasoned case for alternative courses of action without introducing bias or prejudice.

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