B106: Understanding Social Enterprises Your task for this assignment is to choose ONE (1) of…

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B106: Understanding Social Enterprises
Your task for this assignment is to choose ONE (1) of the social enterprises listed in Appendix A (Page 6).
Based on the selected social enterprise, you are required to SELECT and APPLY the relevant concepts and methods that you have learnt in lessons 1 to 8 to answer ALL the following questions:
i. What are THREE (3) ways that differentiate the social enterprise from a commercial business?
ii. Identify and explain the background/overview of the selected social enterprise based on its social cause/issue, the social enterprise’s target audience (beneficiaries & customers), the programmes/activities offered by the enterprise, and how the target audience’s social needs are being met.
iii. How is the Theory of Change (ToC) model applied by the social enterprise? And what are the social enterprise’s Value Proposition and its relation to the ToC model?
iv. Which business model is adopted by the social enterprise? Provide ONE (1) example EACH of an Advantage and Disadvantage in using the model?
v. Social enterprises are reviewing their manpower strategies in response to the reduced business and challenges experienced during Covid-19.
With reference to your chosen social enterprise, identify and explain ONE (1) possible manpower source that the social enterprise can employ to sustain its human resource needs in the long term.
Identify and describe THREE (3) relevant compensation & benefit considerations that can affect the social enterprise’s ability in sustaining the identified manpower source.
vi. Identify and explain the role of Balanced Scorecard perspectives in a social enterprise. Identify and explain how EACH perspective is applicable to your selected social enterprise, and how it can be used in sustaining the social enterprise’s business approach.
vii. Identify and explain the role of Partnership Strategies in Relationship Marketing applicable to your selected social enterprise.
Explain how EACH strategy can be used by the social enterprise to improve its current market position

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