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PH ED:RATES: ‘Ater: you with Socnites yourself, Fhaedo, on the day when drank the poison in prison, or did someone else tell yo about it? “‘RAMO: I was them myself, lichecrates. SCEecirATE5: What are the things he said before he died? Arid bow did die? I should be glad to hear this, Hardly anyone from Phlius visits s nowadays, nor has any stranger come [mm Athens for some time E7 could give us a clear account of what happened,. except that he drank poison and died, but nothing more, 11E-iiy.uo: Did you not even hear how the trial went? 58 Fail:KREMS: Yes, someone did tell us about that and we wondered that teems to have died a long time after the trial took place, Why was that,
a?PRA.Evo: That was by chance, Echecrates. The day before the trial, as it ned, the prow of the ship that the Athenians send to Delos had been Tied with ►riiiiidS. ECITECRATIS: What ship is that? Pakzuo: It is the ship in which, the Athenians say, Theseus once sailed Cn:te, taking with him the two lots of seven i Le saved them was himseLf saved, The Athenians vowed then to .Apollo, so the story , that if they were saved they would send a mission to IJelos every And from that time to this they send such an annual mission to the . They have a law to keep the city pure while it lasts, and no execution take place once the mission has begun until the ship has made its •F to Deles and returned to Athens, and this can sametunes take a time if the winds delay it The mission begins when the priest of r. Alipc.r110 crowns the prow of the ship, and this happened, as J say, the day brivre Socrates’ trial_ That is why St rates was in prison a long time irtw•e► his trial and his execution. EcittritterEs.: ‘What about his actual death„ Phaedo? What did he say? What did he do? Who of his friends were with him? Or did the authorities six allow them to be present and he died with no friends present?
Turisisteti by C.M.A. Grote. ixgend says that Minus, king o Crete, compelled the Athenian…, to !iend seven pc/laths aEld seven /maidens every year to be sacrificed to the Minotaur until liTereus saved, them and killed, ihn monster,267

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